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Brenna immediately wrapped her arms around his back. Closing her eyes, she focused only on him. He pulled her closer, until he was practically cradling her in his lap. She could feel the tough muscle over his shoulder blades through the material of his T-shirt.

Resting his chin ontop of her head, Bucky sighed, tightening his grip on her. "Are you still mine?" He asked in a hesitant voice.

Brenna took a deep breath and grinned against his chest. He smelled faintly of fresh cotton and soap. Feeling her mind slip into a daze, she spoke in a breathy voice, "yes Bucky, still yours." And this was beginning to developed a new meaning. What Bucky once thought of as a claim of possession was turning into one of passion. Something much more emotional was causing him to crave the Stark daughter. She wasn't just his belonging, but more.

Feeling his arms encase her, Brenna wanted nothing more than to stay like that all night. But eventually, Bucky let her go. She crawled off his lap to sit beside him again. However, she didn't try to keep her distance any longer. Brenna curled up against his side, his metal arm wrapping around her back protectively, hand resting on her waist.

"..Could I see your magic again?" Bucky asked after a short moment of silence.

Brenna gave him a sweet smile. Holding up her left hand, she allowed her plasma to pulse with her heartbeat. Bucky lifted his own flesh hand to hers. Slowly, they pressed together. A feeling of warmth travelled through the Winter Soldier's entire body. Happiness like he'd never felt before took him over suddenly, a wide smile spreading on his face. And with his hand to hers, he felt completely cured. Whatever was powering her plasma was helping him, somehow.

When Brenna met his eyes again, she was shocked by the amount of raw emotion she saw in them. Bucky slowly laced his fingers with hers, the magic still pulsing with Brenna's increasing heart rate. Then, he leaned in. Just as gently as everything he did with Brenna, the Winter Soldier brushed his lips against hers. And one would think that this action would peak the exhilaration, but it rather calmed the both of them.

Brenna's heart rate came back down to normal as she finally latched her lips onto his. No longer focusing on her magic, the plasma faded. Bucky released her hand to take her by the chin. His thumb gently caressed her cheek as her hand laid to rest on his collarbone. A feeling of euphoria took them over, as if high off of each other's simple existance. Bucky moved his lips delicately and in sync with her own.

The kiss was long and slow, drawn out by a need that could only be satisfied by their connection. Brenna moved her hand up into his long hair, pulling him more fiercely into the kiss. Bucky gladly accepted, his metal arm gripping her waist more firmly. And after what felt like a blissful lifetime, the two parted. Their lips made a small suction noise as they pulled apart.

Brenna grinned with lidded eyes, their noses almost touching. "What was that for?" She wondered cheekily. Her hand slid back down to his strong shoulder.

Bucky tucked a few of her still-damp stray blonde hair behind her ear. Though he was no longer touching her plasma, he could still feel the lingering joy it had given him. "I think," he began with a sweet smile, "I think you just cured me a little, with your magic."

This shocked Brenna. She'd only ever known her plasma as some sort of weapon. But did she also have the power to heal with it? It would make sense, considering how quickly her own body healed. Could she actually help cure Bucky of his unspeakably awful mental wounds?

"So the kiss was your way of thanking me?" Brenna asked with a laugh.

"No," Bucky responded, pausing for a moment. The kiss was something entirely different; a build up of emotion that had been aching to break free, finally freed. "That was 'cause you're mine."


The word promptly meant something much deeper now. Brenna was his. And now, he was hers, too. Excitement built up in Brenna's soul. "Bucky, you should stay here," she urged in a soft voice, "you could have your own room, and I'll help you get back to yourself. We can have healing sessions everyday until you're better."

Bucky gave her a sympathetic smile. "Brenna, I'm sorry, but.." he murmured, "I'm not ready for that. I need to figure some stuff out for myself." He continued to stroke her cheek with his thumb.

This bummed Brenna out a bit, but she completely understood. "Well, my offer won't expire," she assured him, leaning into his hand.

"Good," Bucky asserted with a small grin. He then went on in a quiet voice, "and don't worry, I won't make you wait too long."

Brenna giggled and leaned back into another kiss. When she felt the super soldier smile against her mouth, butterflies stormed her stomach. Everything was falling into place. Bucky was getting better, and soon enough, he wouldn't have to hide so much anymore.

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