The First Mission

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Sophie's POV
I was so excited, my first ever mission in Narnia. We had all got dressed up very posh clothes. Well, the others were I was in one of Eddies tops as I was two small for one of the dresses. It was a deep red and rested just above my knees. Susan has braided my hair to look like a crown so I felt better about nothing fitting me.

"Drop him!" Susan ordered as she drew her bow towards a boat in the middle of the river. Him was referring to a very small man, only a little taller than me, who was being lifted above the water by two very official looking men.

The dwarf muttered something as the men did exactly as they were told and dropped him into the river before diving in the water and swimming away. I mean, Susan could have chosen her words a little better.

Peter dived in after the dwarf and pulled him to the shore, saving his life. Meanwhile, I helped Eddie pull the boat up and onto the pebbles.

Afterwards, we went to join the others just as Lucy was using her dagger to slice through the ropes that binded the dwarf. As soon as she was finished he pulled his gag of and exclaimed "Drop him? That's the best you could come up with!"

I scowled at the dwarf, how could he be so rude? He deserved a punch in the face just as much as those bullies did back at the train station.

Susan scoffed back "A simple thank you would suffice."

"They were doing just fine drowning me without your help." The dwarf continued.

Peter stepped forward and told him "Maybe we should have let them."

I smiled at this as the dwarf was struggling for something witty to say back.

"Why were they trying to kill you anyway?" I asked, breaking the silence.

His eyes softened as he looked at me. "They're Telmarines, that's what they do" the dwarf replied.

"Telmarines?" Edmund questioned "In Narnia?"

"How did that happen?" Susan asked but she looked deep in thought.

The dwarf scoffed and looked around at us all "Where have you been for the last few hundred years?"

My siblings all looked at each other as Lucy said "That's a bit of a long story."

Peter readjusted his sword around his waist and I watched the dwarf as something clicked in his brain. "Oh,you've got to be kidding me. Your it? Your the kings and queens of old?" He scoffed.

"High King Peter, the magnificent" Peter held out his hand towards the dwarf but he completely ignored it.

I giggled at Peters mini speech and told him "You probably could have left out that last bit, Pete."

The dwarf agreed with me as he chuckled "Probably."

"You might be surprised" Peter retorted as he drew his sword, clearly trying accommodate for the embarrassment he had just felt.

"Oh, you don't want to do that ,boy" the little man warned.

"Not me, him"Peter said blankly whilst pointing at Edmund. Peter handed his sword to the dwarf and watched as Edmund pulled his out of the holster.

Peter handed it to the dwarf and he dropped it straight away because of how heavy it was. I would've probably done the same thing.

Edmund flashed us a smile before the dwarf took a swing at him. Edmund ducked and the little man smacked him in the face. Edmund fell back as Lucy cried out his name.

"Aww, are you alright?" The dwarf mocked.

"Come on, Ed! Show him why your a king!" Lucy offered some encouragement.

They circled around and made a few jabs at each other while I hid behind Peters leg. Edmund managed to get his sword under the dwarf and throw it out of his hands.

The little man fell down onto the pebbles and stared at us all like it was the first time he'd ever seen us. I gave him a little smile that he returned. I think I like him.

"Beads and beadsteads! Maybe that horn worked after all." Waffled the little man.

Peter and Susan shared a look before she said "What horn?"

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