Prince Caspian

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Sophie's POV
We were hidden behind a pile of logs watching many soldiers in dark outfits building some type of bridge across the river.

"Perhaps this wasn't the best way after all." Susan muttered glaring at Peter.

Once we'd reached the gorge again Peter asked Lucy "Where do you think you saw Aslan?"

Lucy spun round to shout back at Peter "I wish you'd all stop acting like grown-ups."

"I am a grown up." Trumpkin muttered only loud enough for me to hear.

Peter looked around at us for help, in return I raised my eyebrows at him.

"Where did you see him again?" Peter asked Lucy turning back towards her.

"It was right around..." Lucy stared before plummeting through the ground.

"Lucy!" Susan screamed as we all ran to the spot she was stood.

"...Here" she finished staring back up at us with her cheeky grin.

My eyes wandered to what Lucy was actually sat on. It was a steep narrow path that led down to the bottom of the gorge.

As we reached the bottom of the gorge, there was a shallow pool of water. I started to cross the river before a pebble slipped out from under my foot. Trumpkin caught me before I fell, I turned round at thanked him with a grateful smile.


I woke up to see Lucy walking away from where we had set up camp. By 'camp' I mean a small fire in the centre of my sleeping siblings and Trumpkin.

I followed after Lucy to see her place her hand on a tree and mumble something. I ran up towards her and tapped my finger on her back.

"Hi!" I whispered with a smile. She smiled back but whipped her head round when we heard a deep growl.

"Aslan?" She whisper shouted holding onto my hand.

Suddenly a hand was placed over my mouth as I was yanked back. I looked over to see Lucy in the same position. I bit the mysterious hand as hard as I could and whipped round to see who it belonged to and to my surprise it was Peter who was scowling back at me.

Lucy giggled and I joined her as Peter shushed us. We all looked forward to see the source of the growl. It was a Minotaur... I think.

Peter signalled for us to stay put behind the bush as he walked forward drawing his sword. Before he could reach the monster, a tall man with long dark hair stepped in front of my brother and started to sword fight with him.

Peter took a swing at the man but missed him and got the sword stuck in a tree beside the soldier. The man kicked out to pull Peters legs out from underneath him. Grabbing a large rock, Peter stood right back up again. Meanwhile, the man had pulled Peters sword out of the tree, ready to attack again.

I saw what was about to happen and I knew it was something that I really didn't want to see. Before Lucy could stop me and jumped out of my hiding spot and screamed "No, stop!" at both of them.

They did what I said, and I watched as many creatures crawled out from their hiding spots. There was so many different creatures with all types of combinations between human and animal.

Peter turned back around from staring at the creatures to see the soldier still staring at him with his sword pointed.

"Prince Caspian?" my brother asked the man in front of him.

"Yes, and who are you?" Caspian retorted back.

"Peter!" Susan shouted running up beside me and holding my hand. "What the hell is going on?" she questioned as Edmund and Trumpkin followed her.

I watched as Caspian glanced down at the sword in his hand. He saw the lion head on the sword and asked my brother "High King Peter?"

"I believe you called." Peter answered proudly.

"Yes well, I thought you'd be older." Caspian said still not managing to shake the shocked look off his face.

"Well, if you'd like, we can come back in a few years." Peter replied as I giggled.

"No,no that's alright. You're just..." Caspian cut himself off as his eyes rested in someone behind me. I turned around to see Susan's cheeks become incredibly rosy. Turning back around, I saw a small smile appear on Caspians  lips. I watched Peters face turn into a scowl as he slowly realised what was happening.

"...You're not exactly what I expected" the Prince finished.

"Neither are you!" Edmund said also scowling at Caspian.

"A common enemy unites even the oldest of foes" a large badger cleverly stated.

"We have anxiously awaited your return, my liege. Our hearts and swords are at your service" an adorable talking mouse said as he bowed.

"Oh my gosh, he's so cute" Lucy squealed as I nodded in agreement.

On hearing this, the mouse flung his sword around shouting "Who said that?"

Lucy apologised as she stared at the ground in front of her.

"Oh, uh... your majesty. With the greatest respect... I do believe courageous, courteous or chivalrous might more befit a knight of Narnia." the creature said as he shuffled in shame.

Both Lucy and I smiled at him to calm his nerves as Peter told Caspian "We'll, at least we know you can handle a blade."

"Yes indeed. And I recently put it to good use acquiring weapons for you army, sire" the mouse chimed in.

"Good. Because we're going to need every sword we can get." Peter said confidently.

"Well then you'll probably be wanting yours back" Caspian said smirking as he handed Peter his sword back.

Peter moodily stuck it back in its holster and walked off. He held my hand as he passed, pulling me after him and urging the others to follow us, which they did.
Sophie's POV
"So what are they like?" The badger, whose name was Trufflehunter, asked Trumpkin.

"Complainers, stubborn as mules in the morning" Trumpkin told his friend as I scowled, surely we weren't all that bad.

"So, you like them?" A dwarf with a magnificent beard, called Nikabrik, asked.

"Well enough." my little friend replied.

After a while, we reached a large stone walkway with many centaurs stood,on either side, holding their swords above our heads. A young one was holding it too low and as I smiled at him the adult next to him lifted it up.

Once we had got inside, Lucy and Susan went to search a passageway nearby, leaving Peter, Caspian, Edmund and I in a large stone room.

As we glanced around at the sheer size of the room, Caspian spoke up telling us "It may not be what you are used to, but it's defensible."

I wasn't sure what he meant by this but I didn't get much chance to think before Susan cut my thoughts off.

"Peter! You might want to come see this." She yelled from the passage.

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