The Princess

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Sophie's POV
My siblings, Trumpkin and I ran into the stone tomb after Peter had raised the alarm. We found Caspian stood in the middle of a circle scratched into the ground in front of a tall wall of ice with a gorgeous princess trapped inside. Circling around him was a terrifying werewolf, a disgusting looking hag type thing with a birds head for a face and Nikkabrik (the dwarf with a beard).

The hag leaped forward and hit Peters sword out of his hands. Peter kicked the hag backwards and she fell to the floor. Edmund ran forward and impaled the hag with his sword.

I followed Peter as he ran towards the Princess encased in ice. She was reaching out of the ice toward Caspians outstretched hand. Peter barged into him, knocking him out of the circle and thrusting his sword towards the girl. I ran forward placing my hand on Peters sword, "Stop! The leave the princess alone."

"Yes, yes I'm a princess, dear little girl." The princess smiled before turning to Peter, "Peter dear, I've missed you. Come now, just one drop. You know you can't do this alone. Come on Peter, just one drop. You know you can't do this alone."

Peter stared towards the pretty girl in amazement and slowly dropped his sword. Peter started reaching his hand forward to the princess and I stood back proudly. Suddenly a sword stuck through the girls chest and she screamed. "No!" I cried as the wall of ice shattered into millions of pieces to reveal Edmund. He was stood holding his sword in a horizontal position after stabbing the princess.

"I know. You had it sorted" Edmund mocked before walking away.

"Why...why did Eddie do that?" I asked while pulling on Peters shirt.

He knelt down in front of me and told me "It's very very complicated."

Peter and I were sat on the stone table staring at the gorgeous carving of the lion. Lucy joined us and sat next to Peter.

"Your lucky, you know." Peter told Lucy as she sat down.

"What do you mean?" Lucy asked.

"You've seen him. I wish he'd give me some kind of proof." Peter sighed.

"Maybe we're the ones that have to prove ourselves to him." I added thoughtfully.

Before either of the could say anything, Edmund and Susan came crashing in. "You better come quickly." Edmund shouted and we all followed him outside.

Outside was a vast army marching towards us. At the front was a man with a gold mask,mounted on a horse. It was terrifying so I hid behind Edmunds legs.

"Right." Peter said after thinking for a while. "Follow me." he ordered,strutting back inside.


All of Caspians army and my siblings were stood in the stone tomb making plans.

"Cakes and kettledrums! That's your next big plan? Sending a little girl into the darkest parts of the forest alone?" Trumpkin said stupidly, pointing at Lucy.

"It's the only way." Susan said sighing.

"It's our only chance to win this battle." Peter argued.

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