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"You're sure you'll be okay?" I ask once more.

"Better than okay, really, all the Real Housewives is really helping the healing process." Camille flat out pushes me onto the porch. "Go home Ash, there's an actual baby that needs you there."

I hesitate, but concede. She's right, I've been gone all day. My sister comes first. "Okay, just... feel better then."

"I'll certainly try." She tips an imaginary hat at me then turns to shut the door.

"Wait." I stick my hand out.


I push her golden hair back behind her ear and press a kiss to her forehead, partly to check her fever, mostly to have my lips on her once more.

"Goodnight, Camille."

"Good. . . ahem. Goodnight." She blushes and ducks back into her house.

The Doctors' Collins normally work late, it worries me that she's home alone so much. Part of the reason I subtly encourage her to stay with me more.

I rev the engine in my Porsche and speed out of the gated community, heading for Audrey Rose and Brookdale.

My phone rings on bluetooth and my Mother's name lights up the screen. This can't be good.

"Asher Klein speaking." I answer.

"Perfect as always darling." She titters over the line.

"What can I do for you mother." Strictly business as always.

"I was calling to check in with you about Paris." 

"What about Paris? I'll be there."

"Your father told me you insist on bringing the baby. Make sure your sister doesn't cause a fuss on the plane."

"Your daughter, will be no trouble at all, I'm sure she'll love to see you both as well." I smart.

"Very well. You'll be working on the Clements Account this summer, you were specifically requested." Of course I was.

"Alright, Goodnight Mother."

"Good afternoon for me, but yes goodnight for you I suppose."

She cuts out with a click and I sag into my seat, pressing harder on the gas pedal. Family is not the Klein way. Audrey Rose doesn't deserve that.

I pull into Brookdale only for my phone to ring again. It's Liam

"Hello?." I greet tiredly.

"Asher? Oh hello sweet boy, you never visit anymore! Though I suppose that's a good thing."

"Ms. Lucy?" It's Liam's aunt. Why was she calling me? And from his phone? My stomach rolls.

"Yes dear, you're Liam's emergency contact. You and Samuel."

"What's wrong?" I slam on my breaks in the middle of the lot.

"He came stumbling into my house a few minutes ago, calling for you and denying an ambulance."

"I'm coming just hold on." I glance up longingly at the penthouse but race out of the lot anyways. She'll be safe.

"I have him stable, but he's demanding you."

"Alright, thank you. I'll be there." I end the call and a dark look takes to my face.

I don't like this. Emmett shows up yesterday and today Liam is stumbling to his Aunt's out of his mind? He makes point to never bother the poor widow outside of school.

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