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The silence of the chamber was deafening. Klaus was sitting on one of the steps staring at his hands, Elijah was pacing back and forth trying to think and Rebekah, Freya and Kol were standing in a small circle, barely giving eachother eye contact.
"Are you all just gonna - stand there?" Esther said. She was still chained up on the floor.
"Why are you only telling us this now? You've had centuries to come clean." Elijah spoke as he stopped pacing. Klaus was still staring at his hands.
"Because this child isn't normal..." Esther said.
"What do you mean 'isn't'? The child would be long dead by now." Rebekah interrupted as she folded her arms, intimidating her mother.
"Oh but she is." The room went silence.
"How is that even possible mother?" Freya said, taking a step forward. Esther smiled.
"When I was doing the spell to turn you lot, I cast the spell for 'all my children'." She explained.
"That doesn't make any sense because then i would have been included." Freya pointed out.
"I thought you were dead while I knew this child was still alive."
"So shes a vampire too?"
"Not quite. I didn't kill her nor did she feed. Its complicated. All the child gained from the spell being cast was the immortality, the strength and the speed. She doesn't need to feed." There was no sound in the chamber except for Esthers chains rattling around her wrists.
"So what creature is this girl? If shes the daughter of a witch and a werewolf, what does that make her?"
"Thats the interesting part. She was born a siphoner. And a werewolf. When she triggered her curse, it gave her full control over her magic." Klaus looked up.
"So this girl or creature is trying to do what exactly? I mean- you wouldn't have told us about her otherwise." Klaus said as everyone turned round to look at him. He stood up.
"Cut her a little slack. Her father, her only family, was killed by Mikael when she was ten. When she was 12 she triggered her curse and had to somehow learn to turn every full moon by herself. On top of that she had just become the only ever existing Were-witch. And when she was 15 she was turned immortal with no explanation. She probably just wants some family."
"Why are you giving her sympathy? Its obvious you never loved her." said Kol. Esther stayed quiet.
"Lets go." Klaus began to leave, Elijah following. Freya and Kol left aswell with Rebekah following them closely behind after giving her mother a stern look.
They all walked in silence until they returned to their home.
"What do we do?" Elijah said, a half-full glass of bourbon in his hand
"I'll tell you what we do. Absolutely nothing." Klaus responded, an empty glass in his.
"You're just going to sit and do nothing while you have a sister, a full sister, out there probably looking for some sort of family?" Rebekah raised her voice at him. Klaus nodded.
"Theres too much family drama already, Rebekah. Add another one to the mix and they'll be daggers flying everywhere."
"Curtesy of you." Kol said under his breath. Thankfully, Klaus didnt hear him and he left the room, leaving his sibling sitting looking at each other confused.
"Freya, can you do some sort of locater spell?" Elijah asked his sister. "We will not let our old brother ignore the fact we have a new sister."
Freya shook her head.
"Im sorry, Elijah. It's like mother said, I cant find someone who doesn't want to be found." She put her glass down on the table. She sat back and then sprang up suddenly is realisation.
"There might be something I can do."

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