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Freya and Rebekah appeared on the top floor balcony.
"What is it?"
"Our sister is in trouble. And only we can help her."
"What are you talking about?"
"She might not have been as evil as I imagined before. There is a curse upon her which will make her suffer for as long as she has lived. That's why she needed the grimoire."
Freya and Rebekah ran down the stairs and Freya grabbed the grimoire out of Klaus' hands. As she read the pages containing the information, Marcel spoke.
"How did you even have the grimoire in the first place?"
"Our mother was one of the witches who created the curse. It must've just found its way to me." She replied, without taking her eyes off the book. "I can do this spell. All I need is something that belonged to our mother or another witch that created the curse."
"Here." Rebekah exclaimed as she tore off Esthers talisman she wore around her neck.
"This belonged to our mother." She handed it to Freya and she smiled.
"Marcel, do you remember where she was?"
"Yeh, it was this house at the end of Dumaine street. It had bright red front door and two chairs on the front porch."
"Great. Lets go save our sister."

When the Mikaelson siblings and Marcel made it to Dumaine street, they all listened out for where their sister could be.
"There. That's the house." Marcel pointed to a small house right at the end of the road. They all ran towards it and Elijah kicked down the front door. Anna was in the front room, in obvious pain, surrounded by candles and grimoires. She must have tried a way to save herself but had given up when the torment had become too much. She was lying on the ground, clutching her stomach and holding back her screams of agony. Elijah and Rebekah tried to enter but the invisible force stopped them. Freya walked straight through, the grimoire in her hand. She knelt down beside her younger sister and lay the grimoire next to her. Freya gently placed the talisman in the center of her palm, closed her eyes and started murmuring the reverse spell of the curse. The pain was too much for Anna to take and she started to scream.
"I can't do it on my own, I need someone to channel." Freya shouted.
"Anna, you need to invite us in!" Elijah explained. She took a large breath before yelling "Come in!" to her siblings. Elijah, Kol and Marcel knelt down next to Anna, creating  a circle and linking hands with Freya. Rebekah stood behind them, watching intently with worry, while Klaus stood slightly further back, with the grimoire in his hand, ready to give back to his sister if need be. Freya continued muttering while Anna continued screaming. The pain was becoming too much to bear. Maybe they were too late. The curse had already caught up to her and they might not have time to reverse it. Wind was gushing all around the room, the curtains were torn straight off its hooks and books and ornaments were flying off their shelves.
"Klaus, i'm going to need that grimoire!" Freya shouted to her brother behind her. Klaus looked down at the spell book in his hands and back to the chaos in the middle of the room before replying to his sister.
"No." He said.
"What?!" She shouted back.
"With Elijah, Marcel and Kol being channeled, you holding the spell, our new sister in agony on the floor and Rebekah unable to beat me." He started before taking his mothers grimoire and tearing it in half down the spine.
"No!!" Rebekah shouted. He continued to rip the pages up, bit by bit, until the entire book was nothing more than tiny, little shreds. Rebekah stared at her brother in disgust.
"She can't be trusted!" He shouted at them all.
"So you faked it? You want your sister to suffer?! For 1000 years?" Freya shouted back. He paused and looked down at Anna lying helplessly in a ball on the floor. She turned her head and looked him in the eye.
"She isn't my sister."
The pain in Annas eyes was more pain and suffering Klaus had ever seen in anyones eyes before. And it wasn't just the pain of the curse. By looking at her, his entire childhood flashed before him. The abuse and hatred of his father, the pain of turning and the neglect from his mother. It was all there, in Annas eyes.
"Klaus.." She whispered in the weakest voice but Klaus heard her. He vamped out the room before he changed his mind, leaving the turmoil and entropy of his little sister inching towards death in a little house in Dumaine street.

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