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"Brother. Sister. I have a surprise for the two of you. And you probably wont like it." Freya announced. Klaus and Anna looked at each other then back at Freya.
"What are you talking about, Sister?" Klaus asked, assuming it was something small like Marcel had a werewolf bite. But all in a second, Freya raised her hands above her head and both Anna and Klaus' neck snapped. When they awoke, they were in the same room except Freya had gone and there was no noise coming from inside the compound or the streets outside. An eerie feeling hung in the air and although it was their house, something felt all so sinister about it.
"Where in gods name are we?" Klaus yelled, getting onto his feet and looking around. Anna still sat neatly on the ground.
"It's a chambre de chasse."
"Oh for gods sake. I can't go at least a decade without being stuck in a blooming chambre de chasse. Can't you do your stupid witchy-woo and get us out of this?"
"I would if I could but it's not my spell. Freya's the one casting so there's nothing I can do." Klaus sighed and Anna got to her feet.
"Then there has to be some sort of key to help us get out." Klaus said as he started opening drawers and cabinets. Anna stood still, crossed her arms and sighed. "What?"
"Isn't it obvious? Freya isn't going to let us out of here until we talk."
"You wanna talk?!" Klaus shouted and slammed the drawer shut. "Ok, I'll talk. I dont like you. You and I may share parents and we may be blood but you are not my sister, do you hear me?" Anna stared at Klaus with anger in her eyes.
"I know you dont like me Klaus, I got that from you buggering off while I lay dying on the floor but what I dont get is why you hate me."
"I don't like you, Anna, because you expect us to welcome you with open arms even though you've done absolutely nothing to earn it."
"Or maybe you dont trust me because you see yourself in me." The silence in the room was louder than a bloody bomb exploding on firework night.
"You're afraid that because we share the same parents, that i am like you."
"That isn't the reason-"
"Isn't it?"
Klaus broke eye contact with his sister and stared down at the ground, trying to hide the tears that had just come into his eyes.
"Anna, after having first hand experience of how I have acted over the past 1000 and how much torment I have put my family through, I can't put them through that again."
"Can I ask you a question?" Klaus nodded.
"All that torment and torture you have gone through over the centuries, can you imagine what it would be like without your family by your side?" Klaus looked back up at his sister, a small tear rolling down his cheek.
"No." He whispered under his breath.
"Well thats what I went through. Years and years of pain and agony I spent with no one by my side. No one to help me or save me or tell me it was ok. I was alone. And I had to watch all of you from afar, happy and comfortable with your life. And if anything bad ever happened, you had each other. I went through it all by myself."
"It's not our fault you never knew us."
"I know. And I dont blame you for it. It just hurts to know that I had to miss out on 1000 years of family and love all because my mother didn't want me." Klaus slowly sat down on one of the accent chairs in the courtyard. Anna sighed and sat down next to him.
"I guess i'm afraid that if I let you in, and you hurt them, then I would feel the guilt of putting them through that again." Klaus muttered, still looking at the ground. "But I never thought of the option that you wouldn't hurt them in the first place." Anna smiled at her brother and he looked up at her. "We do share parents. But I never knew my father and you never knew your mother." Klaus paused. "What was he like?" Annas smile widened.
"He was the greatest man i've ever known. He was loyal, generous, kind. His laugh lit up the room yet if anyone crossed his path, he would pounce. He was the only person who has ever loved me. And when he died, I was broken."
"How old were you?"
"Ten." Anna wiped away a tear which dribbled down her cheek. "And when my pack found out, they banished me because I was part witch. They buried him in their graveyard so I had to wait till dark to visit his grave."
Klaus looked at his sister as she described her relationship with her father. The innocence and purity in her eyes told him she wasn't evil. Infact she wouldn't hurt a soul unless it was necessary. She was just like him. A Mikaelson.
"I'm sorry. For not trusting you." Klaus said, tears rolling down his face. She took his hand and they smiled at each other.
"It's okay, Niky." They both laugh.
"I guess I should find a stupidly obnoxious nickname for you too. I know you dont like Ali so-"
"You can call me that if you want."
"I thought you didn't like it?"
"Its what my father used to call me. That was his name for me. But I haven't heard it in 1000 years and if i'm honest, it would be great to hear it again."
"Okay, Ali it is."
"And this ring." She straightened out her hand and started fiddling with her silver ring that sits on her little finger. "He made it for me when I was five. Being the 10th century he didn't have much tools but I've held onto it. Its all I have left of him." Klaus reached his hand out and took his sisters.
"You have me now. All of us." Anna smiled wider than she ever had before. She hugged her brother and he hugged back, holding onto the one person they knew understood them better than anyone. Before they knew it, they were back home, out of the chambre de chasse. Freya was sitting opposite them and stood up when their eyes opened.
"So?" She asked. Klaus and Anna got to their feet and looked at each other before they looked back at their eldest sister. "How'd it go?" Anna and Klaus looked at each other.
"Great." Klaus said. "It went great."

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