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"Are you ready?" Freya asked. She actually meant it. This wasn't going to be easy.
"Yup." Davina said. Anna nodded.
"Right," Rebekah said. "Lets find this girl." Freya nodded at the girls to reassure them before they all closed their eyes and Freya started the spell by muttering foreign words. Davina and Anna copied the words she was saying. The window shot open and the curtains went flying. Books came shooting off their shelves, barely missing everyone in the circle. Jars crashed off their ledges, the contents of them oozing onto the hardwood floors. The door started rattling loudly and almost came off its hinges. The once dark room was now almost filled with light. The bowl in the middle of the circle was now bubbling over its edges and spilling onto the floor. The witches continued muttering. The three originals had their eyes shut too but had their nosed shrivelled in pain.

The fourth original was still downstairs, enjoying now his 6th glass of bourbon. He was conjuring up ways he could beat this new sister of his, if he could of course, beat her at all. She wasn't a real vampire. Just immortal, fast and strong. She didn't have any of the weaknesses, bloodlust, vervain or daylight. Theres no chance in hell he could beat her alone. He would need help. Freya was strong but this girl was an immortal werewolf-witch hybrid. His siblings also didn't wish to harm her. Klaus sat back, waiting for them to finish the spell.

Flashes had come before all six of their eyes. Flashes of different colours and images. There was nothing clear enough to let them know where she was. Freya opened her eyes and stopped chanting. Davina and Anna stopped shortly after her. Kol, Elijah and Rebekah opened their eyes, out of breath. The window slammed shut and the curtains settled, making the room dark again. The door stopped viciously ratting against its frame.
"What happened?" Elijah asked. Freya let go of his shoulders and walked to the centre of the circle.
"All of the blood spilled out." She said before, for the second time that hour, she returned all of the blood to the bowl.
"We'll need something bigger." Davina suggested before walking over to the corner of the room and picked up a much larger bowl. She handed it to Freya who then poured all of the potion from the old bowl to the new. She then placed it back in the centre and returned to her spot behind Elijah. She nodded at Davina and Anna to restart the spell. The witches started chanting again. The force was stronger this time. The window shot back open and the curtains almost tore of their hooks. The door burst open this time, slamming against the wall. The three originals were in extreme pain, their chests jutted out toward the middle of the circle and their arms flung behind them. Davina, Anna and Freya continued chanting and the flashes reappeared, more clear this time. There were flashes of the house and the room they were in. Flashes of the views out the window and images of them chanting. They were so confused but continued the spell. Memories of their sister came to their eyes. They could see a girl, just not her face. There was blood and bodies. They could see Ansel, dead, pinned against a board the way Klaus found him in 1000 AD after Mikael slaughtered him. They saw a small girl, aged around 10, crying. It was her. It was their sister. She ran off. Freya focused even more, trying to find a face. It then switched to the same girl, just older. She was around 13 or 14 and was holding a bow and arrow pointed at a deer in the forest. It was the middle of the night and a full moon was cast upon the sky. She pulled the string back and shot but instead of hitting the deer, the arrow shot right through a mans head who was in the way. He fell to the floor and died almost immediately. She dropped her bow and ran to help but one of her bones snapped and she fell to the ground. She had triggered her curse. Freya concentrated even more and the memory changed again to her as a 15 year old. She was in the woods, picking berries. All of a sudden, she fell to her knees in pain. She was being made immortal. The flashes disappeared and it went to darkness. Rebekah, Elijah and Kol sprung forward into the middle of the circle in agony, there bodies lying unconscious on the floor. Davina and Anna opened their eyes but Freyas remained shut. She was just standing there, still picturing. She could see a face. The face of her sister. Her eyes opened and she gasped. Her eyes met Annas.
"You. It's you.

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