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"You know where she is?" Elijah asked. Freya nodded.
"She's in New Orleans. I think she's coming to find us."
"What do we do?" said Kol, who had walked around from the other side of the table to meet the eyes of his siblings.
"We keep our eyes open. We need to find this girl. Maybe continue the spell but I can't do it myself, even if I channel you three. I'll need help."
"What about Vincent?" Rebekah suggested.
"No he's in France. I can ask Davina and tell her to bring one of the other harvest witches." Freya picked up her phone and called Davina. Davina was nearby and was already with a witch friend that could help with the spell.
"Yeh of course, we'll come over right away." She said before she hung up.
"Right we need to prepare. We might have to channel you three." She walked over to a cabinet she had locked with a spell. She muttered a few words under her breath and the doors flung open revealing lots of old boxes with ancient symbol on them and glass jars with old, abandoned writing on the labels. She picked up a small red box and opened it. Inside was a small vile of clear liquid.
"Whats that?" Elijah asked. Freya shut the doors of the cabinet and re-locked it before answering.
"It's what is going to help us find her." She put the box with the vile on the table and knelt down to put the blood back in the bowl. The floor was covered but Freyas spell returned it all to the bowl. She then put a drop of the clear liquid into it. The blood sizzled. There was a knock at the door and Kol went to get answer it.
"That'll be Davina." He said as ran out the room. Freya collected more jars off of the shelves and Rebekah and Elijah kept watching as she mixed the bowl of blood, adding sprinkles of magical herbs and drops of strange liquids. Kol returned with Davina and her friend who she was quick to introduce.
"Guys this is Anna." Anna smiled.
"Hey Anna, thanks for coming. We really needed the help. " Freya said, smiling back at her.
"Don't worry, I was happy to help. Davina explained all the drama going on here and I just had to get involved." Her voice was smooth, calm and reassuring. Freya laughed.
"Well Davina's not wrong about the drama." Rebekah and Elijah sniggered.
"So what exactly are we looking for? Just so Anna and I know what to be aware of." Freya sighed.
"We just found out we have another sister." Davina laughed, thinking she was joking but as she noticed their straight faces, she realised she wasn't.
"Yes, shes part witch and part werewolf. And she's immortal." Kol added.
"Is that even possible?" Anna asked.
"Apparently, it is." Freya replied.

Klaus was downstairs sitting on the sofa and enjoying his 5th bourbon of the day. He was listening in to their conversation upstairs. He had never wished for a sister, especially a full one. Family was his greatest weakness and adding another member to the mix would cause havoc. He sat back and listened as they were about to start the spell.

"Okay, Davina, you channel Kol. I'll channel you, Elijah and Anna you can channel Rebekah. They all took their places inside a huge circle Freya and Davina had created on the floor. All the furniture was pushed back into corners and the room was filled with candles. The bowl of blood, which was now a deep red -almost black- in colour was in the centre. The three originals sat on the floor around the circle and the three witches stood behind them holding their shoulders. The curtains were shut and the doors were closed. A grimoire was open in front of Freya and she looked at the foreign writing intensely before looking up to Davina and Anna.
"Are you ready?" She asked. She actually meant it. This wasn't going to be easy.
"Yup." Davina said. Anna nodded.
"Right," Rebekah said. "Lets find this girl."

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