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Nobodies POV

Victoria laughs as Cho trips and she drops everything in her arms.

Cho groans and she lifts her head, turning and glaring up at Victoria who bites down at her lip, trying to hold back her laugh.

"Okay yes I know I shouldn't be laughing, but come on Cho, what did you expect." Victoria ask

Cho huffs and she stands up. "Thankfully I wasn't holding anything important." Cho says

Victoria chuckles, helping Cho off the ground.

Victoria isn't your ordinary 18 year old, far from it, especially if your the daughter of an Avenger and especially if that Avenger is Tony Stark.

Growing up as the daughter of a billionaire, you would except that it's all sunshine's and rainbows but to Victoria it wasn't.

Victoria was first kidnapped at the two and of course she didn't remember the brutal experience but she did remember the next time.

Despite the high security, Victoria was captured again at age six. But it went wrong.

It was the first time she killed anyone. She was an inhuman, magic ripped out of her and it killed fifteen people.

But to Victoria, all she remembered was the colors green and red, and all she felt was pain and fear.

As years went by, she was lucky that the kidnappings stopped.

But the trauma of it paranoid her father and she no longer went without a guard, shadowing her.

But when her father was taken by the ten rings, Tony seemed to have appreciated what he had more and allowed Victoria a normal teenage life.

And when the Chitauri invaded earth, Victoria fought besides her father and she became a valuable member of the Avengers.

And now Victoria interns under Helen Cho and the other brilliant doctors of Shield.

"Okay kid, go clean this up." Cho says

Victoria gapes at her. "W-what." Victoria asks "you heard me." Cho says "wait is it because I laughed." Victoria ask

Cho smirks. "Yup." Cho says

Victoria grumbles and she walks away.


Victoria was cleaning up the lab when her father walks in, sipping a Starbucks.

"Since when do you drink Starbucks." Victoria asks "Steve dragged me, can't really fight a super soldier." Tony says

Victoria chuckles. "Why are are you here dad." Victoria asks "we have a mission, we tracked down Lokis scepter." Tony says

"Ohh yeah, a mission, I'll be out in five minutes, if you leave me, I will hunt you down." Victoria warns

Tony chuckles.

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