2. Shot

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Nobodies POV

With Natasha. "We're locked down out here." Natasha says "Then get to Banner, time for a lullaby." Steve says


Back at the HYDRA base.

"I know you're hiding more than files. Hey, J, give me an IR scan of the room, real quick." Tony says

"The wall to your left...I'm reading steel reinforcement and an air current." Jarvis says

To himself as he walks over to the wall. "Please be a secret door, please be a secret door, please be a secret door..." Tony says

He pushes and the wall opens up. "Yay!" Tony yells

He enters through to a secret passageway.


Natasha finds the Hulk. "Hey, big guy. The sun's getting real low." Natasha says

The Hulk scowls at her, Natasha kneels in front of him and puts out her hand, the Hulk touches her hand and as she strokes his hand slowly he starts to calm down.

He stumbles away and changes into Bruce Banner.

Back at the HYDRA base Steve finds Strucker. "Baron Strucker. Hydra's number one thug." Steve says

"Technically, I'm a thug for SHIELD." Strucker says "Well then technically you're unemployed. Where's Loki's scepter?" Steve ask

"Don't worry, I know when I'm beat. You'll mention how I cooperated, I hope." Strucker says "I'll put it right under illegal human experimentation." Steve says.

Wanda creeps up behind him. "How many are there?" Steve ask

Suddenly, Wanda knocks Steve down using her telekinetic powers and quickly leaves.

"We have a second enhanced. Female. Do not engage. Vic, we need you on this." Steve says

"I'm on my way." Victoria says

Steve looks at Strucker. "You'll have to be faster than..." Strucker says

Steve uses his shield to knock out Strucker.

"Guys, I got Strucker." Steve says "Yeah, I got...something bigger." Tony says


Victoria spots Wanda walking through a passage and she follows after her.

"Hey magic girl." Victoria snarks, making Wanda pause and turn, eyes dark.

"Damn, your hella creepy. Okay let's do this like civilized adults and put those hands down. I really don't want to hurt you." Victoria says

"But I want to hurt you." Wanda growls, throwing a violent sphere of red, only for Victoria to catch it, her hand glowing.

Wanda's eyes widen. Victoria smirks. "Yeah, it looks like you and I, aren't all that different." Victoria says, strutting her way towards her.

Victoria quickly pulls out her gun.

"Seems like you have me at a disadvantage." Wanda says

Victoria chuckles. "Tell your asshole of a brother to stay exactly where he is." Victoria says, pulling out a second gun and pointing it to a surprised speedster, who holds his hands up.

Victoria eyes the silver haired by with unimpressed eyes, secretly checking him out.

If he weren't a criminal, should might even ask him out.

Pietro seems to be doing the same, his eyes landing on her breast. "My eyes are up here." Victoria sneers

Pietro's eyes snap up. "I-I wasn't." Pietro stutters

Victoria rolls her eyes and she turns her gaze back on Wanda. Wanda swallows harshly, slowly putting her hands up.

"Your good." Wanda says, her accent thick.

"Drop the attitude sweetheart."
Victoria teases, Wanda rolls her eyes. "And I've trained with best so this isn't my first rodeo." Victoria says

"I guess we surrender." Wanda says "Wanda." Pietro warns

Suddenly Victoria shouts out in surprise as she's shot in the side, collapsing.

The twins look at each other in surprise before turning to see a Hydra agent, who's gun was smoking.

"I spoke to soon." Victoria groans, clutching her bloody side, lifting her gun and killing the agent that shot her.

Quickly Victoria aims her gun at Pietro. "Save your energy princeza, you can't take us both on." Pietro teases, speeding over to his sister and picking her up and speeding off.

Victoria groans.

"I've been shot." Victoria says over the comms.


Inside the secret passageway.

Stark finds a room with recovered artifacts from the Battle of New York, including a gigantic Chitauri leviathan and some of his Iron Man scrapped armor, he then spots the scepter.

"Thor, I got eyes on the prize." Tony says

Wanda creeps up behind him and uses her powers on him, suddenly the Chitauri comes to life, then Stark sees the rest of the Avengers team are all dead, he goes over to Victoria's body his heart pounding as he checks her pulse when Victoria suddenly grabs him.

"You could have saved us." Victoria says

Victoria dies but Stark continues to hear Victoria's voice in his head.

"Why didn't you do more?" Victoria asks

Stark sees that he is in the Chitauri realm, that's when he snaps back and we realize Wanda had used her mind powers on him.

Wanda and Pietro watch as Tony grabs the scepter.

"We're just gonna let them take it?" Pietro ask

Wanda smiles to herself as Tony takes the scepter.

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