19. Sokovia

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Nobodies POV

Pietro speeds into the Sokovian police station.

"We're under attack! Clear the city, now!" Pietro yells

No one takes this seriously so Pietro returns, takes a shotgun and starts shooting in the air.

"Get off your asses." Pietro says


Wanda uses her mind powers on the people of Sokovia to get them to evacuate.

At the other side of the city, Victoria does the same, her eyes glowing.


"All they want is to live their lives in peace, and that's not going to happen today. But we can do our best to protect them. And we can get the job done, and find out what Ultron's been building. We find Romanoff, and we clear the field. Keep the fight between us. Ultron thinks we're monsters and we're what's wrong with the world. This isn't just about beating him. It's about whether he's right." Steve says.


Inside her cell.

Natasha hears Banner's voice.

"Natasha! Natasha!" Banner yells "Bruce?" Natasha ask

He walks over to her cell.

"You alright?" Banner ask "Yeah." Natasha says "The team's in the city, it's about to light up." Banner says "I don't suppose you found a key lying around somewhere?" Natashs ask

"Yeah, I did." Banner says

Holds up gun and blasts the cell door open. "So what's our play?" Natasha ask

"I'm here to get you to safety." Banner says "Job's not finished." Natasha says "We could help with the evacuation, but I can't be in a fight near civilians. And you've done plenty. Our fight is over." Banner say


As the city is being evacuated.

"Your man's in the church, boss. I think he's waiting for you." Friday says

Stark flies into the church. "Come to confess your sins?" Ultron ask "I don't know, how much time you got?" Tony ask

"More than you." Ultron says "Uhhh. Have you been juicing? A little Vibranium cocktail? You're looking, I don't wanna say, puffy..." Tony says

"You're stalling to protect the people." Ultron says "Well, that is the mission. Did you forget?" Tony ask

"I've moved beyond your mission. I'm free." Ultron says

Suddenly the Vibranium core he's placed beneath the floor erupts.

"What, you think you're the only one stalling?" Ultron ask

"There's the rest of the Vibranium. Function: still unclear." Friday says "This is how you end, Tony. This is peace in my time." Ultron says.


Ultron's army of robots start attacking the city as everyone is evacuating.

"Go!" Steve yells

"Get off the bridge! Run!" Victoria yells, blasting a robot straight in the middle.


Vision then finds Ultron. "Ultron." Vision says

"My Vision. They really did take everything from me." Ultron says "You set the terms, you can change them." Vision says

"Alright." Ultron says

They start battling it out.


"FRIDAY! The Vision?" Tony ask "Boss, it's working. He's burning Ultron out of the net, he won't escape through there." Friday says.


To the Vision.

"You shut me out! You think I care? You take away my world, I take away yours." Ultron says

He activates the Vibranium core and the earth around Sokovia starts to shake and break.


"FRIDAY?" Tony ask

"Sokovia's going for a ride." Friday says.

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