12. Safe House

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Nobodies POV

With Banner back to normal and everybody back on the Quinjet.

Victoria was blinking rapidly as she comes too.


"The news is loving you guys. Nobody else is. There's been no official call for Banner's arrest, but it's in the air." Hill says "Stark Relief Foundation?" Tony ask "Already on the scene. How's the team?" Hill ask

"Everyone's...we took a hit. We'll shake it off." Tony says, his eyes moving to his very pale daughter.

"Well for now I'd stay in stealth mode, and stay away from here." Hill says

"So, run and hide?" Tony ask "Until we can find Ultron, I don't have a lot else to offer." Hill says

"Neither do we." Tony says

He switches off the monitor showing Maria ending the call. To Barton, who's flying the Quinjet.

"Hey, you wanna switch out?" Tony ask

"No, I'm good. If you wanna get some kip, now's a good time, cause we're still a few hours out." Clint says "A few hours from where?" Tony ask "A safe house." Clint says

Tony nods and he moves to his daughter, caressing her head. Victoria rests her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes, her head pounding.


The Quinjet lands outside a large farmhouse and they all walk towards the house. "What is this place?" Thor ask "A safe house?" Tony ask

"Let's hope." Clint says


They all enter the house. "Honey, I'm home." Clint says

Barton's heavily pregnant wife, Laura, walks in from the kitchen. "Hi. Company. Sorry I didn't call ahead." Clint says "Hey." Laura says.

Laura kisses Barton.

To Thor. "This is an agent of some kind." Tony says

Victoria smiles, pushing back her sweaty hair.

Introducing his wife to the team. "Gentleman and Victoria, this is Laura." Clint says

"I know all your names." Laura says. They all look at her awkwardly. "Ooh, incoming." Clint says

Barton's son Cooper and daughter Lila run in. "Dad!" Lila yells. Barton picks up his daughter.

"I see her!" Clint says, kissing the top his son's head. "Hey, buddy! How you guys doing? Ooh..." Clint says

To the others as they watch with surprise. "These are...smaller agents." Tony says "Look at your face! Oh, my goodness!" Clint yells

"Did you bring Auntie Nat?" Lila ask "Why don't you hug her and find out?" Natasha ask

Lila rushes towards Natasha who picks her up in her arms. Victoria smiles at the cute scene. "Who knew you were so good with kids." Victoria asks

Natasha turns and smiles at her.

"Sorry for barging in on you." Steve says

"Yeah, we would have called ahead, but we were busy having no idea that you existed." Tony says "Yeah, well Fury helped me set this up when I joined. He kept it off SHIELD's files, I'd like to keep it that way. I figure it's a good place to lay low." Clint says

"Honey. Ah, I missed you." Laura says

Touching Laura's stomach. "How's little Natasha, huh?" Natasha ask

"She's...Nathaniel." Laura says. Natasha bends towards Laura's pregnant stomach. "Traitor." Natasha says

Victoria bites her lip, amused.

The hallucinations brought on by Wanda continue to creep up in Thor's mind and he walks out of the house.

"Thor." Steve says

"I saw something in that dream. I need answers, I won't find them here." Thor says

Thor uses his hammer to fly out of there.

Steve turns to enter the house when he hears Peggy's voice from Wanda's vision. "We can go home." Peggy says

Victoria notices his strained face and she sighs, her own mind wondering to her vision, hoping that none of what she saw comes to pass.

Laura checks Barton's wound that Pietro had give him. "See, you worried for nothing. Can't even feel the difference, can you?" Clint ask

"If they're sleeping here, some of them are gonna have to double up." Laura says

Barton laughs.

"Yeah, that's not gonna sell." Clint says "What about Nat and Victoria? How long has that been going on?" Laura ask

She notices the heart eyes Victoria sends to the red head. It was cute.

"Has what?" Clint ask

Laura laughs. "You are so cute." Laura says "Nat and...and Vic?" Clint ask "I'll explain when you're older, Hawkeye." Laura says

"Oh. Okay." Clint says "It's bad, right? Nat seems really shaken." Laura says "Ultron has these allies, these uh, kids, they're punks really. They carry a big damn stick and Nat took a serious hit. Someone's gonna have to teach 'em some manners." Clint says

"And that someone be you. You know I totally support your Avenging, I couldn't be prouder. But I see those guys, those Gods..." Laura says

"You don't think they need me." Clint says "I think they do. Which is a lot scarier. They're a mess." Laura says "Yeah. I guess they're my mess." Clint says

"You need to be sure that this team is really a team and that they have your back. Things are changing for us. In a few months time, you and me are gonna be outnumbered. I need...just be sure." Laura says

"Yes, ma'am." Clint says

He kisses her, then as Laura places her arm around his waist she touches his wounded side.

"I can feel the difference." Laura says.

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