11. Warped

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Nobodies POV

Wanda uses her power on Thor then Steve comes up to him. "Thor! Status?" Steve ask "The girl tried to warp my mind. Take special care, I doubt a human could keep her at bay. Fortunately, I am mighty." Thor says.

Just then Thor seems himself at a party on Asgard.

Wanda then uses her power on Steve and Natasha. "This is going very well." Ultron says

Wanda sneaks up behind Victoria only to whirl around and snatch her outstretched arm mid-air.

Victoria glares. "I rather not have a headache after this." Victoria sneers

Suddenly she's grabbed from behind. "Sorry princeza." A voice coos

Wanda sends a red mist into her head, making Victoria gasp in pain, her eyes changing from their normal green to a violent red.


Wanda tries to sneak up behind Barton, but he quickly turns and puts an electric arrow on her forehead.

"I've done the whole mind control thing. Not a fan." Clint says

Just then Pietro speeds in, knocks down Barton, picks up Wanda and speeds off.

"Yeah, you better run." Clint says

We see Steve dropping his helmet and walking off.

Victoria tries to grasp the ramp, falling on her knees, clutching at her pounding head, her own magic trying to fight against it.


To the team.

"Whoever's standing, we gotta move! Guys?" Clint ask.


Natasha sees herself in the facility where young girls are being taught ballet. "Again." Ballet instructer says to the students

"You'll break them." Natasha says

"Only the breakable ones. You are made of marble. We'll celebrate after the graduation ceremony." Madame B says

"What if I fail?" Natasha ask.

We see a younger Natasha being trained to be an assassin. "You never fail." Madame B says.

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