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And that is the completion of Book one of my Silver series.

I know the ending isn't exactly what you expected but it felt right. And yes I was originally going to kill Pietro and just make this a singular book, but I feel that Victoria's story isn't over yet.

Okay so I'm planning my next book to take place in Thor Ragnorak, and I need your opinion, should Victoria start something up with Loki?

Should it just be sex or she grows actually feelings for him?

Or should she end up with Pietro? Or Natasha?

I'm actually considering having Nat end up with Steve, since I saw a theory about Nat getting pregnant with Steve's child and yes I know she's sterile but in the comics, she still gets pregnant.

Steve has that super sperm.

Okay please leave a comment. I really love to hear from you guys!!!

I'll upload the first chapters very soon, so please follow and stay tune for Victoria's story!!!!

Love you all!!!!

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