13. You and Me

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Nobodies POV

U-Gin Genetic Research Lab, Seoul, Korea - as Cho enters her lab she sees Ultron. "Scream, and your entire staff dies. I could've killed you, Helen, the night we met. I didn't." Ultron says

"Do you expect a thank you note?" Helen ask "I expect you to know why." Ultron says "The Cradle." Helen says

She hears her own recorded voice.

"This is the next thing, Tony." Helen says

"This...is the next me." Ultron says "The regeneration cradle prints tissue, it can't build a living body." Helen says

"It can, you can. You lack the materials. You're a brilliant woman, Helen. But we all have room to improve." Ultron says

Ultron uses the scepter to mind-control Cho.


At Barton's house.

Natasha, Victoria and Banner are still experiencing the after effects of Wanda's hallucinations.

Victoria walks out of the bathroom and sees Natasha waiting outside. "I didn't realize you were waiting." Victoria says

Natasha sends her a small smile.

"I would've joined you, but uh, it didn't seem like the right time." Natasha says "They used up all the hot water." Victoria says

"I should've joined you." Natasha says "Missed our window." Victoria says "Did we?" Natasha ask

"I like you a lot Nat, and maybe you like me too, but I know that your not in a good place to take the chance with me, and I think I have feelings for a criminal, who practically stabbed me in the back two times." Victoria says

"That sounds like you, but what's holding you back." Natasha asks

"With Ultron and everything, I know I have to leave for a while, what happened to twins made me realize that there is a lot of things I have to fix. I have to go." Victoria says, with a small shrug.

"But you assume that I have to stay? What Stark did wasn't your fault." Natasha says

"I-I know but it's my legacy, it feels right." Victoria says

Natasha smiles softly but it falls. "I had this, um, dream. The kind that seems normal at the time, but when you wake..." Natasha says

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