6. Party

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Nobodies POV


The Avengers mingle at the party.


"Wow." Natasha breaths, taking in Victoria's thin form. "You look breathtaking." Natasha says

Victoria smirks.

"Your not so bad yourself." Victoria says, she couldn't believe she just said that to Natasha Romanoff.

Natasha chuckles. "Come on, let's get you a martini." Natasha says "Steve would kill you if he knew you were getting me drinks." Victoria says

Natasha shrugs. "Like that would stop you." Natasha says


"Well, you know, the suit can take the weight, right? So I take the tank, fly it right up to the General's palace, drop it at his feet, I'm like, Boom! You looking for this?" Rhodey asks

Stark and Thor just look at him blankly.

"Boom! Are you looking... Why do I even talk to you guys? Everywhere else that story kills." Rhodey says

"That's the whole story?" Thor ask "Yeah, it's a War Machine story." Rhodey says

"Well, it's very good then." Thor says, he laughs. "It's impressive." Thor says "Quality save. So, no Pepper? She's not coming?" Rhodey ask

"No." Tony says

"Hey, what about Jane? Where are the ladies, gentlemen?" Hill ask "Well, Miss Potts has a company to run." Tony says

"Yes, I'm not even sure what country Jane's in. Her work on the convergence has made her the world's foremost astronomer." Thor says

"And the company that Pepper runs is the largest tech conglomerate on earth. It's pretty exciting." Tony says

"There's even talk of Jane getting a... um, uh... Nobel prize." Thor says

"Yeah, they...they must be busy because they'd hate missing you guys get together." Hill says, Maria mock coughs. "Testosterone! Oh, excuse me." Hill says

"Want a lozenge?" Rhodey ask "Um-hmm." Hill says "Let's go." Rhodey says

Maria and Rhodes walks off. "But Jane's better." Thor says

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