16. Kid with a toy

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Nobodies POV

To Natasha.

"We got a window. Four, three...give 'em hell." Clint says.

Natasha drops out of the Quinjet on a bike and rides towards the truck and picks up Steve's shield. "I'm always picking up after you boys." Natasha says

"They're heading under the overpass, I've got no shot." Clint says "Which way?" Natasha ask

"Hard right...Now." Clint says.

Natasha heads over the truck, she throws Steve back his shield and he uses it to knock off Ultron from him. To the pedestrians on the pavement as she chases after the truck on her bike.

"Out of the way! Coming through! Sorry, coming through!" Natasha yells


Steve continues his battle with Ultron on the truck. "Come on!" Steve yells


"Clint, can you draw out the guards?" Natasha ask "Let's find out." Clint says

To the pedestrians in her way. "Beep beep!" Natasha yells.

Barton manages to draw out the Ultron sentries from the truck.


Steve later tackles Ultron into a train, the Ultron Sentries leave Barton and return to Ultron.


Over the comms. "Where's Victoria?" Steve asks

"I'm here! I'm here and I'm fine, I'm heading in your direction, now, so don't wait up." Victoria answers

Everyone breaths out in relief.


"Heading back towards you. So whatever you're going to do, do it now." Clint says "I'm going in, Cap can you keep him occupied?" Natasha ask.


As he continues his battle with Ultron.

"What do you think I've been doing?" Steve ask.


As Natasha enters the truck the Iron Legions head back, pick up the truck and lift off.

"The package is airborne. I have a clean shot." Clint says "Negative. I am still in the truck." Natasha says

"What the hell are you...?" Clint ask "Just be ready, I'm sending the package to you." Natasha says

"How do you want me to take it?" Clint ask "Uhh, you might wish you hadn't asked that." Natasha says.


Pietro, Victoria and Wanda turn up on the train to help Steve fight with Ultron.

"Please. Don't do this." Ultron says "What choice do we have?" Wanda ask

Ultron flies off.


"Nat, we gotta go." Clint says

Nat drops the cradle into the Quinjet but her foot gets caught by Ultron and she's pulled away. "

"Nat! Cap, you see Nat?" Clint ask "If you have the package, get it to Stark! Go!" Steve yells

"Do you have eyes on Nat?" Victoria asks, worried for the red head.

"Go!" Steve yells

Reluctantly Barton takes off in the Quinjet; back on the train to the twins.

"Civilians in our path." Steve says

Pietro speeds off.

To Wanda and Victoria. "Can you stop this thing?" Steve ask

As Pietro picks up civilians out of the way of the train.

Wanda and Victoria turn to each and send one another a nod and they put out their hands, there power building and they converge it, red and green clashing violently before turning it to the train, their combined powers put a stop to the train.

Steve stops in stares at the sheer power of the two.

After stopping the train Wanda, the girls were panting, their eyes meeting and the nod, an understanding passing through them.

Wanda goes over to an out of breath Pietro.

"I'm fine. I just need to take a minute." Pietro says "I'm very tempted not to give you one." Steve says

"The Cradle, did you get it?" Wanda ask "Stark will take care of it." Steve says "No, he won't." Wanda says

"You don't know what you're talking about, Stark's not crazy." Steve says "He will do anything to make things right." Wanda says

"Steve, I hate to say this, but I agree with Wanda....he's a kid with a toy." Victoria says

Steve takes in what she said and he presses the comm in his ear, activating the signal.

"Stark, come in. Stark. Anyone on comms?" Steve ask, there was no answer, only static.

"Ultron can't tell the difference between saving the world and destroying it. Where do you think he gets that?" Wanda ask.

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