Chapter 1(Edited)

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"Chaeyoung!" She's calling for me. I just keep on running in the woods under the moonlight, naked. I don't know where this is going to take me, but knowing that I'm loved and chased by a psycho, I need to stay the hell away from her!

"Chaeyoung! Baby come back!" She's near. She's freaking near! Fuck!
Although I have short legs, my adrenaline rush is slowly taking a break as I was chasing my breath.

Not to mention, she's a fucking fast runner too! With those long legs, slim body, she can run like a flash! My legs are shaking now. I'm tired. Freaking tired. I just lean on the tree as I took a deep breath and exhale. "Chaeyoung? Where are you?"

I gulp. She was just somewhere. At the back? At the front? At the side? Below me? I don't know! I take a deep breath and grit my teeth. "Leave me alone!" And I ran away again. But then I hear someone's footsteps running towards me.

Before I could turn, I was hit by a hard thing on my head that made me fall on the dead leaves. I groan as the pain on my head stings. I arch my back as I flip my body. "Gotcha." I heard her giggle.

It's like it was the funniest yet adorable thing she has ever seen. I feel her presence coming towards me as my consciousness is slowly fading until the last thing I know was she's sitting on my stomach.

She leans closer, giving me a deep and intoxicating kiss. Well, that is just the beginning of my story. Let's just go back to that moment where everything was perfect until this shit happened.


Living alone in an unfamiliar place sucks. Getting to know those unfamiliar people sucks. But do you know what sucks the most? It's when your parents cannot accept the fact of who and what you really are.

I was born intersex. I have a female body, a feminine face with beautiful facial features. I was beyond perfect to be a idol in a entertainment showing off my talent except for my penis and testicles that should be a vagina.

It was a freaking big turn off. Mom, the one who can't accept my identity the most, tried to convince me to have sex reassignment surgery but I refuse. Besides, it's no use.

The doctors told us that even if I'll have surgery, it won't change the fact that I am truly a guy inside with no uterus and other things that girls have that I don't.

I cannot bear a child even if I have a vagina. But I have the ability to make someone pregnant and bear my child. Hahaha. What a shame it is for my parents then, but not for me.

I accepted who and what I am, although we've been to many places and people seem to discriminate against me for being different.

Since I was bullied in my old school because my stupid ex-boyfriend freaked out that I have the male's genitalia, and accused me of being a shemale, my parents threw me in Seoul from Paris, France.

My cousin, Im Nayeon, is here, and her father which is my mother's cousin, is the owner of the school that I'll be studying. And here I am, enrolled in the second semester.

My mom wants me to change and accept that I am a woman even though I have the needs of a man. She just doesn't get it.

She really thought that putting me in an all-girls school will change me for who I am. Well, guess what, it will make things worse.

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