Chapter 26

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"My baby!" Mom shouted after she saw me coming down from the cab in front of the Lim residence. I came here almost evening since I fell asleep. I guess I'm tired of what's happening between me and Mina.

My parents didn't bother to go to my apartment since I only have one room. My apartment only has one room though, so they decided to stay here in uncle's house. I just hugged her.

"Hey mom." she pulled back and look at me from head to toe.

"Look at you! You look so beautiful with this Black turtle neck sweater with white jeans." I just scratched my temple.

Well, I actually have lots of hickeys from Mina, mom.

"Thanks mom, I guess..." And I noticed my old man coming out of the mansion with Nayeon.

"Now where's my strawberry princess?" I just smiled.

"I'm here, dad...." And I just hugged him tightly. I felt him kissing my head and hugged me even tighter.

"Oh, I miss you so much, my strawberry baby." He said tapping my back and patting my head.

"Missed you too, dad...Ahem." And we broke the hug as Nayeon and I just exchanged smiles until she looked surprised and pointed something.

"Oh. The Yoo and Myoui sisters. They're here!" And Nayeon then ran away as my gaze followed her. I then noticed Jeongyeon wearing a casual but decent sweater and a coat with Mina also in a turtle neck black dress and my jaw just dropped.

"Is that them, Baby?" I just nodded to mom who's looking at the Yoo and Myoui sisters. She seemed amazed by their presence. I think I know what she's thinking.

"Mitang!" Nayeon called out to Mina who just smiled at her and waved. Nayeo  then ran towards her when Jeongyeon just suddenly appeared in her way with open arms.

"Nabon- hey!" I just laughed at my dad's side while we're walking towards them. Jeongyeon was just pushed by Nayeon on the bush while the two just hugged. When they noticed our presence, the Yoo and Myoui sisters then bowed at my parents.

"Are you the Yoo and Myoui step sisters?" And the sisters just nodded to my mom as she covered her mouth.

She then walked towards them and cupped their cheek. She was checking them like she's looking for a flaw in them. But she failed to find so.

"Oh, my god. You girls are so pretty!" And she finally hugged them while Jeongyeon and Mina were surprised at the sudden embrace from mom.

"I'm aunt Son Ji-Young by the way. I am Chaeyoung's mother and I am so glad to finally meet you two!" And they received another hug from mom which made them just smile. I noticed dad bend his body because he's way taller than me and whispered.

"I think your mom wants to adopt them." And we both just laughed and watch the Yoo and Myoui sisters and mom interact. I just smiled weakly.

Mom is frustrated. She always wanted to have lots of kids, lots of daughters actually, but it turns out she had an intersex daughter. After she gave birth to me, she cannot give birth to another child anymore. 

That is why she's been ignoring the fact that I have a man's sex and let me wear girl's clothes. She even tried and still tries to date me with her friends' sons. Dad then interrupted them and he introduced himself while I just sighed here and walked up to them.

"Hey, uh, guys." I waved my hand at them and it was like a magnet when Mina's eyes and mine just met.

"Hey baby cub!" And Jeongyeon just draped her arm around my neck while Mina was stuck with Nayeon and mom checking her out about her outfit.

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