Chapter 18

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Wheein passed it to Jeongyeon, our sprinter, and dunks it on the opponent's ring, earning us another score. Wheein picked the ball and passed it onto Wendy.

Wendy mouse then dribbled the ball as I blocked her way and she's doing stunts on me. Now, she's pissing me off. The people even booed and praised her for having nice footwork.

She can be a ballerina or a hip-hopper you know.

I noticed Seulgi from the back and she was grinning like an idiot, and I know what she will do. She just snatched the ball from behind.

Seulgi ran as she passes the ball to Wheein and let her shoot the ball which I know it won't shoot because of how far she was. Not to mention, Wheein is not good at long-range shots.

But then everyone cheered when Seulgi just jumped high and took the ball mid-air and dunk it, making herself hang on the ring.


My team gave each other a high five, but I look at the demons and they're chattering something with that devilish smile on their faces.

They're going easy on us. I have a bad feeling about this. I just run to my team.

"Do not let your guard down, idiots!" And we then scattered and on our defense trying to block them from having a goal.

I composed myself when I saw Wendy walking casually to us while dribbling the ball.

"I missed you, 'sister-in-law'." Her smirk never left her shitty face.

It seems like she's challenging me. I'll take that. I spread my arms, trying to block her as I stare deeply into her void eyes.

"Don't you dare call me that!" I didn't shout, but I gritted my teeth, making my veins visible all over my face and neck and she just chuckled.

"You never changed, haven't you?" And I just stopped on my tracks when she already placed her hands on her waist. My eyes just widened.

Impossible! Where's the fucking ball!?

My eyes even widened when Shuhua suddenly appeared behind her and shoot the ball flawlessly.

I heard a buzzing sound, indicating that one of us scored. I looked into our LED scoreboard beside us and they already have three points. 


"You're the captain yet you are still careless. Better luck next time, big sis." And she gave Shuhua a high five while I received a smack from my teammates. I just turn to them.

"What the fuck, guys!?" They all glared at me.

"Yeah. What the fuckity fuck, Jeong. You just let her slip the ball and let your emotions distract you." Wheein scolded me and ran away.

"Don't listen to them, okay?" Seulgi smiled and followed Wheein.

"Shut that crap off, Jeong. We don't know what's in their sleeve." Dahyun warned and I just nodded. She is right. I just turn to Jisoo and Ryujin who's beside me.

"How about you, guys? Do you got any advice there?" Ryujin just chuckled while Jisoo taps my shoulder.

"Let's just earn a goal. That's it."

"Right!" And we run around.


It's been their third-quarter already, and I don't know what's happening anymore. 

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