Chapter 8

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Jeongyeon's POV

"Yah! Mitang!" Right after I pushed Chaeyoung that is still in a state of dreaming into the taxi, I ran inside the house and look for my precious sis.

"J- Jeong U- unnie?"

There I saw her on the couch, clutching her chest with fifty shades of red on her face.

I'm surprised. Is she blushing? I just shook my head and pointed at her.

"Yah! Why did you kiss that small bean!?" She rose on the couch. She was poking her fingertips, making me think that she's nervous, and she can't even look at me.

I'm surprised again. Never have I ever saw her acting like this.

"I- I'm just showing her... my gratitude?" The muscles of my face just tightened turning into a grimace. Just when did she become that liberated!?

I just cleared my throat and let my big sister aura possess me. I squinted my eyes at her as I put my hands on my waist.

"And when did you ever learn to kiss someone by showing them some gratitude? Huh? Were you raised in Europe?" She pursed her lips.

"Unnie I-" I raised my hand at her cueing her to stop and point at her.

"Tell me, is that your first kiss?" I just saw her silently gasped as she bit her nails.

She tried to look at me, but she would just look away, afraid to meet my gaze. Her beautiful white face just turned red and it's kinda adorable.

"Y- yes." I was snapped from my thought and went back to reality when I just heard her replied.

I've been holding back my smirk this time and I can't take it any longer. I let my lips stretch until I just let out a loud laugh.

"U- unnie?" I choked myself and coughed. I just looked at her confused and I can't help but smirk.

"She needs to take responsibility for you, penguin. I will not let that doofus get away with this." I grinned.

"What do you mean, Jeong unnie?" I walked towards her as I tap her shoulder and put up a soft smile for her.

"You should rest now, my penguin. We still need to file a case on that jerk." And she just nodded still confused as she left me in the leaving room. I watch her back and my smirk widens.

"Prepare the shit out of you, Small bean. Muahaha." I wonder what will be their reaction and even Chae's.

Oh sheesh. This is gonna be fun!
Chaeyoung's POV

"Hachoo!" I scrunched and rub my nose. "I wonder who's mentioning me or even badmouthing me." I just sniff and continued walking.

I should be at the apartment right now but I stopped at a ramen shop to eat dinner. I am so full right now.

Who would not be full of three bowls of ramen? Now my stomach's upset and I need to buy medicine.

I was actually stress eating. I still can't forget what happened earlier.

Thinking that Bamboon just did something horrible to Mina makes my heart break. Why is she even hanging out with that douchebag?

"Myoui Mina..." I sigh again.

But I don't know what kind of sigh that is. I was thinking of the awful thing that happened to her and the kiss she gave me.

Oh. Yeah, She kissed me.

My toes nail on the ground of the sidewalk as the memory keeps on replaying on my mind. I touch my lips and feel this squishy yet tingling feeling at the pit of my stomach.

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