Chapter 24

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My eyebrows furrowed in the middle of my sleep when I felt something ticklish that's tracing my chest. No, not really tracing. I guess it's writing something. 


It keeps on writing that word like it's trying to carve and mark me. I just captured a hand to stop moving on my chest and I open my eyes.

I was then welcomed by a beautiful, penguin and sexy angel in front of me, naked as the day she was born but a duvet was covering her lower body. 

"Hey." And she then captured my lips that made me smile as my stomach feels ticklish.

"Hey." I answered in a sleepy voice and she nuzzled her head under my chin while I hugged her tighter, making her heat be one with me.

This feels so nice. Waking up with someone that could warm your bed before you sleep and after you wake up. 

And this is too good to be true. I feel like I'm still dreaming. Mina beside me in my bed, naked, is beyond happiness. I just kissed her forehead and rest my head on hers and tried to sleep again. But then I opened my eyes and a realization hit me.

Hey... my ass!

"Aaaaaaah!" I sat up and crawl back like I just saw a ghost as my back met the headboard. I suddenly felt cold, missing the contact from her body heat. 

But hell I'd worry about that!

"Chaeyoung-ah?" She called me, tilting her head as she tries to lift her body with her elbow making me see her fine melons. I just pointed at her horrifically.

"W- why are you here!? And... And why are you naked!? Oh, wait." I gasped exaggeratingly making my cheeks hollowed and almost choking myself when there were drops of blood on my bedsheet. I just covered my mouth.

"Oh my god! What have I done!?" And I just pulled my hair.

Why is there blood on my bed!? Did I cut something on her? Did I hurt her? Did I almost killed her!? 

I tried to remember what happened last night but all I ever received was a throbbing pain in my head which made me curl up.

"Aish, fuck." I cuss as I winced in pain. Fuck this hangover. I felt like someone is hammering my head from side to side. The bed move and I felt her presence beside me. 

"Hey, just relax Chae. Don't stress yourself too much." She's caressing my back soothingly and it gives me a weird feeling.

But I noticed how messy my room is and the smell of the air is strange. It honestly aroused me. But what does this mean? 

Did we perhaps... No. It can't be!

I just closed my eyes and look at her but my eyes widened when I saw her neck up to her chest with hickeys.

Lots of freaking mad hickeys! 

But then I noticed her staring somewhere. I followed her gaze and the mad sausage was already glaring at Mina who knows it was only her who can calm him down. 

"You're already hard first thing in the morning, Chaeyoung-ah." And that just snapped me.

"Oh shit Minari!" I just covered my dick and balls although it was almost impossible because of how thick my meat was.

I stood up as I ran to the bathroom. I closed the door and then ran to the shower as I changed its temperature into a cold one. A very cold one. 

"Oh, fuck!" The water was so cold that I freeze to death. But my body still feels hot! Argh! My thing was still twitching and I know this won't come off if I won't jerk it-

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