Chapter 2(Edited)

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I front of me makes my body quiver. I wonder what she's thinking right now. I swallow a lump as I turn the shower off.

She blinks and her eyes avert from down there to me, staring at my eyes intently. But she snaps out of it and points to the main door, still surprised.

"I was... I was checking the place before I would lock it, but I just heard someone calling me and-- Chaeyoung, you're... a man?"

I can't understand her expression, but one thing's for sure, she's confused. I shake my head aggressively.

"I'm not, Mina! I'm not!"

"Then... Then why do you have... a penis? Explain these things to me Chaeyoung before I report you!" She shrieks, glancing at my thing as she points at it. Alarmed of what she just said, I grovel and clasp my hands, begging in front of her.

"Please don't report me, Mina. Please hear me out." She looks to the side, maybe to the main front door, and walks away, following my gaze to her.

She locks it and comes back after. I'm not expecting what she did. It was thoughtful of her to do that.

"Then give me a good reason not to report you, Chaeyoung. I'll listen." She said sternly while tapping her finger on her crossed arms as my knees still on the ground.

I feel like I'm sentenced to death here, especially that the one who just saw me is the one and only student council president of the school, Myoui Mina. We're silent for a moment until I heave a deep sigh.

"I'm... I'm an... intersex, Mina. I may look like a woman but... I have a male's reproductive organ." I further told her about my condition and about my parents, especially on why I was here.

I didn't dare to look at her for the whole time. I wonder what faces she was making right now. She's just listening to me while I keep on explaining things.

"And that's how I came here. Thanks to my mom and my ex-boyfriend." I click my tongue in irritation.

My mom is so dense, and my ex is so annoying. Look what happened to me. I guess I have to transfer again.

What now? What country should I go to this time? The Philippines? India? Singapore?

I sigh at the thought of packing my things again to move to a place where no one knows me. That will be the most troublesome.

"So that's what makes you special, huh." My thoughts are disrupted when I finally hear her talk. I lift my head as I tilt my head in confusion.

This... makes me special? What does she mean?

But calling me special or somewhat this condition of mine could be seen as special makes me feel fuzzy and warm. No one ever called me that but her.

"Y- you think... this is special? That I'm special?" She smiles at me and nods.

"Nayeon actually told me that you are special and rare. Now I finally know what she means." She bites her lower lip, and I huff in relief.

Nayeon is such an angel! I promise to treat her to lunch! But I turn to her again as my anxiety consumes me again.

"So... are you gonna- I mean, are you still gonna report me?" She gives me a bright smile and shakes her head. I stand up and hold her shoulders as joy seeps in me.

"R- really? Are you sure? Does that mean... I'm okay now? That you are not going to report me, or expel me or something?" She nods and I gasp in surprise.

"Listen here, Chaeyoung. I am the student council president of this school. I will always think of my fellow students' safety and their future and that includes yours. Despite what you are, I will let you continue to study here and enter the school still following the rules and regulations. And since you are in an all-girls school, I want you to be a woman, not a man." I nod in response.

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