Chapter 16

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I was sure she saw something she shouldn't have seen. Her hand on the corner of the building just slid down as her other hand was already on her chest. 

I walked closer to her to check if she's crying and she is. She even sniffed. I was surprised when she suddenly turned around, making her also jump a bit.

We just lock eyes and the tears that she's holding back making her eyes look glossy than ever. I was about to talk when she suddenly ran while covering her eyes. 

Idiot! You might trip if you'll cover your eyes!

"Wheein! Aish dumbass!"

I chased her around and hell, she's a fast runner! But I didn't let her get away until I finally grab her wrist to make her look at me. 

"What!?" She shouted at me and I was startled by it.

"Why are you chasing me!?" And she wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

I should be laughing right now but this is a different situation. I felt pity for her to the point that it breaks my heart watching her crying. 

"Wheein..-" I just shook my head and tried to calm her but she just back away.

"Are you happy now? You prefer watching me in this state, right? That I look miserable? Now, look! I'm miserable! You can now laugh at me, Byul!"

I may enjoy bullying her, but I would never approve to see her cry like this. I just bit my lip, not suppressing my urging outburst of emotions as I shook my head.

"Wheen, please. Listen to m—" Wheein just clenches her jaw at me as she pulled her hair until she faced me again.

"No! I want you to laugh at me now!" I shook my head again as I covered my mouth.

For years that I've been with this idiot, I never see her getting angry. Is this even anger? Or frustration?

I just looked around and thank god no one was here or else we might be in the guidance counselor right now for fighting when we're not.

"Wheein please calm the fuck down! Someone might—" And she raised her hand motioning me to stop talking and she shouted at me again.

"No, Byul! Call me pathetic like you always do. A fool! And idiot! Come on!" She growled, and I've had enough.

Her sharp and angry voice is giving me a headache. I just close my eyes and took a deep breath. 

"Answer me!" And I stare straight into her eyes that made her flinch a bit. 

"Do you really wanna be called pathetic? Huh?"


"Then fine!" I saw a door beside us which is a storage room. I tried to open it and luckily it was open, or I'll kick this door.

I grab her collar and lock us there. I turn to meet her flaring gaze and pointed my finger at her.

"You are so pathetic, Wheein! Even now! Look at you. You're so ugly crying over someone who never shares the same feelings towards you!" And her eyebrows knitted and her jaw dropped. She pointed herself.

"What!? Me? Ugly!?" 

"Yes! You are an ugly shit!" She was speechless as she just keeps on scoffing acting like she's offended. I then pointed her again making her cower back.

"And I've been trying to warn you about it, Wheein. You know that. But you are so stubborn!"

I poked her chest harshly as she pinned her back on the wall. I clenched my jaw at her while her expression softens.

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