Chapter 25

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I wanna die.

I wanna kill myself right now.

I don't wanna live anymore.

How can I let my guard down and took advantage of her again!? Also, where is the Mina I used to know? How can she act like nothing serious happened between us?

I just took her virginity and guilt is eating me up! Dammit! I just released a deep sigh as I hug my knees while I'm on the bed, still naked. 

After our session in the shower, guilt took over me while she was already sore that she's even limping but she still managed to do her things and even cooked breakfast for us.

I then saw her walk her way to the room with my oversized shirt and unused boxer covering her body. She then leaned on the doorframe with a spatula.

"Stop moping there Chaengie like I raped you or something. We both wanted this. There's no turning back." And my mouth just curved down and shook like I was on the verge of crying. I then pointed out my already-in-peace sex.

"I wanna cut this thing, Sharon Myoui Mina. This is a curse!" And she just laughed while I'm already crying with unshed tears. 

A footstep then came closer to me and she then crawled on the bed which made me open my eyes even wider. I just covered my chest and my pet, afraid that she might attack me.

"W- what are you doing?" She stifled a giggle and just cupped my cheeks. She gave me a peck on the lips and I was surprised at how gentle it was, so as her smile right now while staring intently at me.

"Don't you dare do that Minari~" And another kiss was being received by me with a wink. Stunned, she then walked away from me but stopped midway to the exit and looked at me with that mischievous smirk which reminds me of Jeongyeon.

"Oh, and Chaeyoung-ah. What if I told you my birth control implant has already expired? What would you do? Would you take responsibility if I'll get pregnant with your baby?" My head just snapped to her as my world just stopped. If only I can make my eyes even wider, I would. But I just grab my hair and pull them.

"EHHH!?" And another laugh from her echoed the room as she storms out laughing in the kitchen. I just grab my bathrobe and put it on me as I followed her to the kitchen.

"Are you really serious, Minari!?" I tried to grab her wrist for her to face me but she was too busy putting the pancakes on the plates. After she turned down the fire in the stove, she then looked at me with an apologetic smile as she carries the plates.

"I'm just joking. Chaengie. Now, sit, and let's eat." I just took the plates from her because I saw how she was having a hard time walking due to... Nevermind.

She mouthed me a thank you as we proceed to the dining table and grab her chair after I put the plates on the table. I then sat across her as we started to eat quietly.

I keep on stealing glances at her while I'm eating. She's too pretty in my clothes. How the head hole would slip on her shoulders and would try to tug them in again is too adorable. But we have this comfortable yet awkward silence between us that is deafening me.

I just cleared my throat trying to break it and she then looked at me with a fork hanging on her still swollen lips. I just took a deep breath.

"M- Minari... um, would you mind if I ask about why you have a birth control implant in you?" She just hummed and shook her head, putting the fork down on her plate. She then took a tissue beside her and wipe the maple syrup on her lips.

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