Chapter 23

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"Minari, I-" I was stopped midsentence when Mina just put her index finger on my lips with a smirk on her red luscious lips. That lips then brushed my ears as her hot breath tickles me.

"Dance only with me, Chaeyoungie." My body then quivered when her teeth tugged my earlobe as her hands met my arms' skin gliding them up to my nape.

It was like fire when she touched my delicate skin. I couldn't help but feel in danger yet feel pleasured.

Looking at the woman swaying her body seductively for me made me think how much of an enchantress I was with at this moment.

We danced to the beat of the song and surrender our bodies to it. Sweats even started to drip on our foreheads yet we didn't mind.

I grab her waist yet she took my hands and clasp it to hers. I make her turn around and pull her to me as I place my face on the crook of her neck.

I let the tip of my nose trail her neck as I engulf her sweet feminine scent on my system making me feel light-headed.

All of me was throbbing to taste her and having a lack of self-control, I suck her neck into my mouth earning me a soft moan that encouraged me to do more.

I pepper wet kisses to her nape and she just gripped my hands, even more, asking for support. I let her face me again as I guided her arms around my neck.

But her naughty hand roamed around my chest up to my lower abdomen, making my buddy throb even more than it could ever be.

"Fuck, Mina..." I mumbled and she smirked as she drew her face closer.

I was anticipating for her lips to meet mine when I only heard her giggle despite the loud music banging the room.

"Why are you laughing?" I grinned and slid my hands up and down to her sides.

"Are you really Mina?" I asked, tilting my head with entertainment in my eyes. "You're far from what I know about her."

She giggled and leaned her body on me. Her eyes flickered on my lips and to my eyes.

"I am Mina. But you see Chaeyoungie, we're outside the school, and being called Mina makes me remember of a person I don't want to be." I watch her as her naughty hand trailed my abdomen up to my chest until she reached my neck.

She wraps her hand around it, fake choking me. But her hand moved up, gripping on my jawline as she drew her face closer to me. I swallowed a lump when she just bit her lower lip and smirk.

"But you, my dear Chaeyoung-ah. You make me feel like I was born again. You are the one who made Sharon Myoī so I want you to call me... Sharon Myoī."

"Sharon... Myoī." She closed her eyes as she moaned so sexily and roll her head like she just had an eargasm.

Her eyes, her eyes that mirrored power and desire then met my hungry and thirsty eyes as she giggled that just turns me on.

"Oh my Chaeyoung-ah... You're making me-" She growled.

I've been dying to kiss her again, so I pulled her nape to crash her lips with mine, making her stop babbling. She locks her arms around my neck, trapping me.

She was kissing me hungrily, almost sucking all of me that made my head spin even more.

My itchy hands then grabbed her ass as I squeeze them tight, earning me a moan between our kisses.

I grab the chance to enter my tongue to her sweet mouth as I fuck with her tongue.

Our heads were tilting from side to side, tasting every corner of our mouth with our tongue swirling on each other.

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