Chapter 11

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I woke up so early in the morning that I have so much time to prepare my breakfast.

I cooked two sunny-side-up egg and bacon and also toasted slices of bread which makes my stomach growl now.

I immediately went to the table and make them a sandwich. I open my mouth as wide as I can to take a big bite of it. ut my phone just vibrated that made me purse my lips.

What a perfect timing. I put the sandwich down and pick up my phone beside my plate.

Good Morning~ I read the message.

My eyebrows just knitted. Unknown number? I look at its phone number but it was different from the previous number who calls me just to hear my voice.

I'm sorry but may I know you? I reply.

I was about to put my phone on the table when after a second, it vibrated so I just opened it and read its message.

Why don't you open your
door for you to know who I am?

And the next thing I heard was a knock on my door. I was curious as well who this person might be. I just stood up and walked towards the main door.

I open it and was surprised to see the person standing in front of me with her gummy smile while carrying a lunch bag.

"Pres- I mean, Minaring?" I blinked so fast, thinking that I was just hallucinating about her like always.

"Surprise." She just said that in an hot sweet tone voice.

But I was surprised when she wraps her arms around my neck so tight. But I felt her warmth. Damn, she's real.

"M- Minaring, you really surprised me. But uh, how did you... How did you get my number?" I asked curiously after she pulled away, but her hands are still on my nape though. She playfully squinted her eyes at me.

"You're underestimating me, Chaengie. Can't I have my friend's phone number?" She just pouted which honestly makes me feel so stupid. I just let out a dry laugh and scratch my head.

"I- I'm sorry. I mean, of course, you can. I'm just curious at how you got it." I shrugged and she just poked my nose while giggling.

"It's okay, Chaeng. By the way, are you done taking your breakfast?" She asked while I just panicked. I just gestured her to get inside.

"I'm sorry but come in! I'm sorry if it's kinda messy and no, I was about to eat my breakfast actually." Her face just lit up as she picked up the lunch bag on the floor.

"Perfect, I made us breakfast so let's go eat." And she just came in like she's been here before while I just chuckled, feeling bizarre of her behavior first thing in the morning.

I guess this is just how she treats her friends. I followed her to the dining room and she was already taking the foods out that made me drool.

There were pancakes with maple and chocolate syrup, strawberries, sandwiches, and even blueberry juice.

I looked at her and my throat just went dry. She was already staring at me with a smirk and crossed legs, exposing her porcelain-like fine thighs. I just gulped.

"Dig in." She said, showing the foods to me, but I don't know what to eat anymore. Nevertheless, I sat on my chair across her, and I can feel my tummy screaming for me to start eating.

"Did you cook all of these?" I ask staring at her lovely feline eyes whose staring back at me.

"Uh-huh. I wanted to eat breakfast with you so yeah."

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