The Guest

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          "Ha, if am the fly then are you and your friends the trash?" I say with an attitude. The late comeback that I came up with making me happy even though they are long gone.

         I was laughing an evil laugh as I turned around to be face to face with Beat Alex who looks at me as if I am feral and completely out of my mind. Well, I don't blame the dude. I feel my face heating up as I bow my head and expose my neck in submission.

          He gave me a genuine pitiful look before he walked toward the arranged chairs. He seems to be here to check if everything will be to the Alphas' satisfaction. It looks like it will be since I see him talking to the head guard smiling and nodding his head.

The dining area looked appetizing. You will sit down to eat even if your full since the area looks amazing. I walked around and made my own judgment and felt satisfied.

"Hey, you!" Called out Sam a warrior whom I knew closely in my glory days as an Omega.

I knew he was calling out to me but I still looked around and said, "who me?" While pointing at myself like am clueless.

"Is there anybody else around here other than you?" He snapped.

I ignored his question and moved closer. I have a beautiful name that my mom gave me after her favorite princess it is beyond me to understand why he is not using it.

He sighed as if talking to me was exhausting. It is good to know am getting under his skin. I mean I have been intentionally and mostly unintentionally under a lot of people's skin the past few years and it is most likely going to stay like that for a while. But wait today really might be the day the Alpha finally reinstalls me back to my position.

As I kept on saying that in my head, hope kept on growing. My dad's name is going to be cleared, "Thank you, moon goddess." I say as I carry the extra decorations and ornaments away as Sam instructed.

       After a few minutes, I heard Beta Alex clapping to get everyone's attention, "I want everybody to finish up and get ready to welcome the Alpha King." He instructed. Every wolf in the garden including myself started to get excited. So this is what they were talking about. I was so shocked to hear that I will be able to see the Alpha King this close.

I have heard a lot about the current Alpha king and how he challenged and killed his uncle to become the alpha by the age of 18. Which was I believe three years ago. I have heard rumors about him and his cold-blooded massacre of one of the witch covens.

He is also famous for the cruel torture methods he uses to make his enemies confess or wish they have died before they met him. But most of all I believe what is making all these girls go crazy is the rumor about this killer looks. Like I said everything I know is a rumor but at least I can check him out and testify about his looks today.

Beta Alex's eyes became clouded which I know means he is telling the wolves that were not at the garden the same thing he told us. The Alpha cut the connection that I had with the pack the day he stripped me from being an omega.

People started flooding to the garden to welcome their Alpha, Luna, and the guest of honor the Alpha king. Just like Beta Alex said after about ten minutes everybody turned around to bow their head and expose their neck in submission since Alpha and Luna came walking towards the garden from the parking lot with the Alpha king and few of his pack members by his side.

We all looked up just as the Alpha, Luna, and the Alpha king sat down. I heard small gasps coming out of some girls and even guys and girl do I agree. He was inhumanly beautiful. I guess he is a werewolf, an Alpha king even but nobody should be allowed to be this breathtaking.

His stone-cold face looks chiseled, the navy blue suit and the charcoal grey turtleneck that he wore looked like they were made just for him. The powerful aura that he is radiating is suffocating.

      "Excuse me, sir, we need oxygen to survive too," I say to myself smiling devilishly on the inside looking in his direction. Yes! Thank you, moon goddess, my eyes have been blessed. Who is going to stop me from fangirling over the Alpha king?

        "He is so handsome." I heard one of the Omegas whisper to the girl next to her. "He is so handsome!" That sentence is the understatement of the century. He is not just handsome he is in a whole different league of his own.

"What is going on...." I forced my mouth shut. "Is everybody from his pack this good looking?" I shout inside my head after looking at the guy that is sitting next to him whom I assume is his Beta. I am honestly mortified since I could only imagine the type of cruel tortures those beautiful faces are capable of.

        As I kept on looking at them, I started to feel this pull all over my body. It is as if there is a force in my body willing me to walk towards them. I don't know what is happening to my body but I dismiss it as the effect of finally being able to see the beautiful face of different males than I always see.

        I couldn't look away especially from the Alpha king. Everything about him was just intriguing. He had the type of face that you can never get tired of even if the only thing you do is stare at it every day. The gods are not fair with the way they distribute looks clearly they spent a whole lot of time and effort making him since I don't see a flaw.

         He had brown hair that was tied in a man bun with an undercut. His facial hair just magnifying his manliness. His eyes skimmed through the crowd not staying at one place. It was as if he is looking for something specific. 

          At one point his eyes found mine and I was stunned into place finding it hard to even breathe. His gaze stayed on me a little longer but they soon continued to look through the crowd.

          As his gaze left me and I started to collect my breath I sensed uncomfortable attention towards me. I looked around and to my left found Sasha looking at me as if she is ready to kill me.

          I don't know what her problem is but today is not the day to dwell on fixing the problem. Today is a day of blessings. I hold a giggle back as my own crazy mind is entertaining me and my eyes find their way back to the source of my blessing.

          The Alpha gave a speech and thanked the Alpha king for gracing our pack with his presence and some other stuff but I was not paying attention. I think I have a crush on the Alpha king because I can't seem to get enough of him.

          I am sorry my future mate but you will have to compete with the Alpha king when I finally find you. But at least I will still have my crash on the Alpha king to comfort me when my mate does reject me. It aches to think of my mate rejecting me but I believe it is better to get myself ready so I can be able to accept it when it does happen.

         I wanted to hear his voice but he didn't speak a word. Alpha Stefan guided the Alpha king toward the beautifully prepared dining area. The people with their names on the specific table took their place gradually and the rest of the pack went to the cafeteria since that is where they will be served.

        As I was making my way out I felt a hand grab me and pull me away. I am surprised to find Sasha dragging me away from the crowd. Her friends were following from behind. I don't know what is going on but I don't like it. 

        After she was satisfied with the distance she created between us and the crowd she stop and slapped me across the face. I was so shocked that my brain was completely empty at that moment but that didn't stop my eyes from reacting because I gave her a death glare. My hand was itching to reciprocate her action but I forced myself to stay in control.

       "Keep your eyes away from what is going to be mine." She demanded. What is going to be her's? Really, this is about me looking at the Alpha king. If that is the case she should go around slapping ever girl in the pack especially the once without a mate. This girl is ridiculous.

        "Let her be happy for now. You know what is waiting for her?" Tina one of her friend who is also a warrior said while the other two girls just looked bored.

       "You are right I should not waste my time on someone who is not going to be here after today." She said with an evil smile and walked away.

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