The Torture 2

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             I don't even know how long he has been torturing me but it felt like it would never end. I have run out of tears and my throat hurts from all the shouting and muffled screams. He exchanged the whip and when this one touched my flesh it burned me. After a few hits from the silver nailed whip, I was out cold.

The splash of cold water woke me up from unconsciousness.

I was sitting in a wooden chair with shackles binding me to the chair and the big metal ring on the floor. It took a bit of time but the faces of the people in front of me got clearer after a few struggles.

Opening my eyes was painful. It was probably puffed up and I am pretty sure I look like I hide a tennis ball in my eyes. My body ached all over.

"I am sure you have had enough of the medicine that Hades delivered to you." I couldn't help but notice the disgust that I felt when I looked at him. Alpha's face has never looked this ugly.

He looked down at me snarling, "Are you willing to answer now?"

"If you are still not willing I can give you time to think about it  just like I did before." His forced creepy smile sent goosebumps all over my body.

A single tear left my right eye went down my cheeks but it seems that I can't even get myself to cry any more than that.

"I can see that you have a lot of things to tell me so go ahead I am listening." He bent down getting his ears closer to me. I was tempted to bite his ears off but I didn't have the energy or the nerve to do it.

             I tried to wet my mouth before I started speaking but my mouth was too dry. "Alpha I swear," I had to pause and take a deep breath since uttering these three words felt like I had done hard labor for hours. "I just stood in the middle because out of all the other places it just looked beautiful."

             "Beautiful?" Now his eyebrow was up and he was looking at me as if he is going to murder me any minute.

            I can't blame him since he would never understand how it feels to run for your life and giving up because you are scared and weak.

            At that moment that spot was a gift that I gave to myself and for once what I did for me and not for others just happens to be what kept me going.

"I was about to be attacked by a herd of hunters and then all I know is that when I woke up I am in prison."

"Do you think I am joking?" Now he looks like he is really pissed. He is definitely ready to detach my head from my body.

"Of course not a-lpha," I took a deep breath to help me continue since I was out of breath. "But I really don't know what else I am supposed to say." My voice was trembling uncontrollably. He was like one of those parents who tell you to tell the truth but when you do they don't accept it because it is not the truth they are looking for. Except this is way worse since this person literally wants to kill me.

His fury could really be felt. He was radiating his Alpha aura which, to be honest, is terrifying at this moment only because I am tied down and taking in the last of my breathe. I am not filling the effect as much as I usually do which means the effects of the medication I took are wearing down.

           If it was a week ago and he was commanding using his alpha tone I would have probably just faked being overwhelmed and terrified. I have always been submissive and obedient to all of them and it was not because they had more commanding aura than me. Because there were times when I didn't feel any of their power intimidating me.

            I only felt the command aura having an effect on me once and that was the day after I took the medicine for the first time and was called in by the Alpha because I bit up the bullies. Alpha was mad because one of them was his best friend's brother. He was not even the official Alpha then.

           I did what they tell me because I believed it was what I am supposed to be doing and that it is was all I amounted to.

            My mother said if I don't take the medicine that it will put her, dad, and me in danger. It also helped with controlling the effects of the disease that I seem to have. I followed her instructions even though I was not a big fan of the medicine. After all mother knows best.

It's a short chapter compared to the others but I couldn't write more before I posted since I have been feeling sick. Hope you enjoy and wait for her new journey to start.

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