The meeting

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The meeting I had with the first two packs on my agenda went well. I had a hard time persuading the third pack, but after a series of requests and information exchanges, I was able to persuade them.

            I am dreading the time I will be spending in the black crescent. I dislike the Alpha because he is very narrow-minded and egotistical. My tolerance for people like him is just too low.

"I'm ready for you to blast your roof off and beat up that Alpha dum-dum." Mark said, with a terrifying grin on his face.

I have my doubts about his sanity at times. He is obsessed with violence and anarchy on a whole new level. People refer to me as the devil, but they have no idea that Mike is the actual monster.

         He may not be as bloodthirsty in his torture or killing as I am, but he has a greater need for violence than I do. I can't complain because that also makes him the best Beta.

"There isn't going to be a fight. To include Alpha Hector's and David's packs in the scheme, I'll need the douchebag's assistance. Don't make a mistake." I demanded so he could understand how serious I am.

He knew how serious I was because the venomous stare he had a few seconds before had vanished.

With a stern voice, he said, "Yes, Alpha."

It's been a week since I left the pack, but I don't feel like I've been gone for a day because I'm kept up to date on all of the pack's activities.

"Alpha, we've arrived," George stated, nodding his head subtly.

"The Luna is scorching." It's a good thing he had the foresight to say it quietly enough for only me to hear. I growled to let him not his comment was not appreciated.

I locked my gaze on the snarking Alpha who is making his way over to me with his pack members and put on my best poker face.

The upcoming negotiations are essentially a gamble, therefore I need to make sure they can't figure anything out before I reveal the bits of information on my own schedule. I can't tell any of them the truth until I'm sure of it myself.

"It's a pleasure to see you again, Alpha," Stefan remarked with a half-hearted bow of the neck.

I can't seem to help but want to punch his smug smile out of his face, but I have to hold back. I'm not ready to let Dex, my wolf, awaken just yet. When he wins control, I am unable to restrain him. He's far too emotional and overpowering. His thirst for blood is the most powerful emotion I've ever felt, and it's not one I want to experience again anytime soon. Dex is, without a doubt, a sadist.

I can't blame him for being the way he is since I forced him to be that way by giving him most of my unpleasant emotions, memories, and pain in order to keep myself sane. That is why I am a coward. I hide behind Dex so that no one notices how frail I am. Dex is a part of me that I admire but at the same time can't help but hate because I am scared of being consumed. He also serves as a persistent reminder of my flaws.

"It's also terrific to see you, Stephan," I said with a sarcastic tone. I shifted my gaze to the woman standing next to him before he could say anything

With a faint smile on my lips, I said, "Luna Clara."

What I did was self-evident. I simply used his name instead of his title so he understands where he belongs. Dex doesn't have to wake up if there's no trouble, so I need to retain my intimidating posture and maintain the facade of ever being the powerful and vicious Alpha king.

The dum-dum, as Mike refers to him, didn't appear pleased, but he had enough brain cells to realize he shouldn't say anything. I'll give him a point for recognizing and not repeating his mistakes. He is a quick learner.

At the very least, he has enough natural instinct or information to know who not to mess with, which is a skill in itself.

"He's such a good boy. He is obedient, you should throw him a treat or something." Mike says through our mind link while maintaining a straight face, which makes me chuckle.

"Thank you for coming Alpha Alerick," Replied Luna Clare while fully bowing her head and exposing her neck to show submission a gesture everyone who came with her and her husband made sure to follow. Dum-Dum hesitated by he still did it.

     There is something satisfying about crushing the pride of a rascal like him.

      "It is best to get down to business I believe?" Said Stephan eyeing me for approval.

      "Very well. Lead the way." I commanded the Alpha who started walking off to a bigger building which I believe to be their packhouse.

       " I don't see your pack members." The blunt Mike asked without hesitation.

        "They are excited to see the Alpha king and are preparing to entertain him." Said Luna Clara with a fake smile.

         "I am sure you will love it." Dum-Dum's excitement was evident. He looked like a five-year-old who finally got the chance to show off the new toy that he got.

        "Just shoot me." Cass's unexpected remark sent everybody attention towards her. Cass has been one of my best friends since middle school and is not one to lose her temper quickly but even though she never told me why I know she hate's Alpha Stefan with passion. But nonetheless this is not like her. The cool headed and precise Cass would not make this type of mistake.

But since Cass is Cass she completely ignored all our eyes and kept on looking forward waiting for us to start moving again as if she never said a word. So I did which led to everyone following. If I was alone and she had said that and acted the way she did I would have definitely started to believe I am hearing things.

    The meeting went smoothly. I am glad I got everyone on board when it comes to fighting together if ever a problem arrives. All the Alphas were skeptical and confused but I am glad they all signed the paper. Because they might not know it but danger is lurking around us and it doesn't seem to be a simple one at that.

       I couldn't deny their invitation to stay over fir a while since I didn't have a valid excuse to use like I did with the other packs and since Dum-Dum did end up cooperating this was the least I could do to show my appreciation.

       The feast they prepared was enjoyable and everything was going well until he decided it was time to show me his grand finale of the day. 

      The crowd was gathered and cheering when we went up on the stage. But everything else was a blur and I could not concentrate on what was going on since all of a sudden Dex was awake and acting restless for no apparent reason.

       While looking into the crowd my gaze laid on a beautiful girl who was looking up on stage with fascination. Our eyes meet and I could say I was mesmerized for a few seconds before Cass's mind link yanked me out of it.

       "I don't know why they are making a big deal out of a hunt?" Her voice makes it obvious that she is bored.

"Something tells me this is going to be bad." Mike continued.

        I let my eyes wander once again to find her but to no avail. She was gone. I felt disappointed when I didn't see her but the disappointment sunk deeper when I realized the way she looked at me with fascination is probably the same way she looked at everyone that came with me. Dex was about to start whimpering.

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