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"So this sucks." George said, sitting almost entirely on top of Dream on the crowded bus.

"Nah, up close and personal." Dream laughed, and turned to face George, their faces nearly touching.

"What a loser, trying to date a cheerleader?" George said, although Dream could see pinpricks of blush appearing across his cheeks.

"Oh? I didn't see you there, I was talking to the wall." George retorted by shoving Dream, causing him to bang against a divider.

"Hey! I have a broken leg, you can't do that." He harrumphed.

The bus screeched to a halt and George, who had been adjusting his position, stumbled forward and nearly avoided crashing into the other passengers. He still got dirty looks, though.

"This is our stop, George." Dream said, grabbing his crutches and supporting himself on them. The majority of the passengers filed out, so the two had a mostly clear path.

"I never want to do that again." George grumbled, sticking his hands into the pocket of his jeans.

"At least you can use your legs." Dream rolled his eyes at him, as the odd pair made their way behind the school.

They dropped their bookbags in the locker room. Everyone else was already out on the field, but it didn't matter, it wasn't like they had to be out there anytime soon.

Dream took off the green hoodie he had put on before leaving the house, the off white shirt beneath riding up some, revealing his abs. He spot George staring at them, a rising blush growing across his face before looking back at the ground.

"Like what you saw?" Dream smirked, reaching back into his bag, exchanging the hoodie for a bundle of loose papers. George desperately tried to control the blush growing across his face.

"I was marveling at how small your abs were." George said, after a moment of pure panic.

Dream walked over and tilted George's chin up with his finger, so he was staring into Dream's green eyes. "Is that so? They're much larger up close." He smirked.

George's panic grew, his face entirely red, although Dream didn't see, staring directly into George's eyes. "I- um. I'm regretting getting to know you more and more." He finally managed to stutter out.

Dream walked back to his bag, retrieving a pencil from a small pocket. "Is that so?" He kept a smirk on his face, tousling his blonde hair.

"You probably should regret it as well, considering I broke your leg and all." George finally regained his composure, and began to sift through the contents of his bag again.

"Yeah right." Said Dream, as they both made their way to the bleachers.

They sat there, talking and messing around as the cheerleaders and football team argued over which half of the field they were getting.

"You've broken a bone HOW MANY TIMES?" George asked again, shocked.

"10 times, I think?" Dream smiled sheepishly. "Lets see, foot in first grade, arm in first grade as well, I broke my finger twice in second grade, broke the opposite wrist as well, I got a concussion in third which is unrelated, I broke my leg freshman year here, and fractured my foot in high school. Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head."

"Were you like repeatedly thrown off a cliff?"

"No, I just kept falling out of trees." Dream laughed as George stared at him.

"I've broken a bone, like, once, and it was because I was at the bottom of a collapsing tower."

They continued talking until everyone on the field began to disperse and they made their way inside.

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