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[TW:] Description of accident, hospital

Enjoy :]

There was a faint clicking of heels that echoed throughout the halls. It grew louder, then faded once again as the pristine white hall shivered and dipped and spun.

Colors leaked in from the corner, and the clicking sped up frantically, growing heavier and heavier until the clacking of heels turned into the heavy running of sneakers.

The colors began to spiral, the hall beginning to spin with it, then wavered like the air on a hot summer day.

The colors bled together until they morphed into a light blue colored room, where the footsteps had faded into the beep of a heart monitor and the faint drip of an IV.

Dream stood over his still body, bandages wrapped around his head, his eyes peacefully shut.

George wasn't there, but Dream wasn't bothered, he knew just where he was.

He brushed a hand across the grey blanket, the slight shock it gave was the only thing he could feel.

He stepped through the numerous wires connected to himself and poked his out through the door.

The doctors racing down the hall and the people asleep outside loved ones doors, and others crying gave the appearance of life, but of course there were no sounds.

The color was faded as Dream walked throughout the hall.

He stood in front of the children's ward, where the colors were a bit brighter. There was more hope there than where his body was located.

Sometimes when he wandered these halls there would be another wandering as well. He could never speak, none of them could, all he could do was wave. Dream took special care to guide the children back to their own bodies.

The link between him and his own body was fading, and he knew he would need to return, but it was so peaceful.

Dream let out a silent sigh as he drifted away from the children's ward, back to his hallway.

He shivered as he passed his room, staring at the plates bolted onto the wall.

0421, 0422, 0423.. 0424. 

Dream stopped in front of this door. It didn't look any different from the rest, but Dream knew who was in it.

It was George's room. He was asleep peacefully, and appeared much more well off than Dream was.

A buzzing formed in Dreams ear, the nurses must be talking at his bedside once again. He didn't bother to focus on it, words hardly made since to him anymore.

Dream stood besides George and stroked his hair softly, before the buzzing grew louder and his head clouded, and he knew he had to return.

So he shut his eyes, and everything was white again, and there was nothing.

Except for the beeping that had been growing louder each passing day, and the dull feeling of pain. The rough feel of blankets, but the inability to move or think.

Passage of time was only determined by how often he awoke, so Dream could only assume he wandered every day. He hoped he wandered everyday. That way, at least, it was only a week and 3 days.

The other option was much scarier, so Dream stuck to every time he wandered had been one day since the last.

The colors bled together once again, and Dreams eyes blinked open.

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