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TW: Alcohol

Dream was the first to wake. The narrator's voice buzzed in the background, talking about gazelles or something. The two were laid in the same position they had fallen asleep in, except now one of his arm's was pinned under George's body weight.

He sighed, and yanked his arm out from underneath George, causing him to fall off the couch.

"Hey!" George muttered, his voice laced with the softness of someone who just woke up.

Dream stretched out on the couch, wincing slightly as a pain stabbed his leg.

"You like sleeping on me, huh?" Dream rubbed his eyes and sat up, as George picked himself up off the ground.

"You're like a pillow." He huffed. "Besides, you're the one that dragged me down there."

Dream rolled his eyes, but let out a small laugh. "Uh huh, I guess we're even then."

"Yeah..." George said, recalling what Sapnap had said before. "Oh that's right, Sapnap invited us to a party tonight. His place, I assume."

"Ah, you're going?" Dream asked, taking off his shoe at the front door. "I probably will be."

"Yeah, I dunno what to wear tho."

"Whatever your wearing is fine, everyone will be too drunk to care." Dream said. "Oh and don't worry about cops busting anyone, the cops here don't care, besides, pretty much everyone 'cept Sap is of age."

Dream laughed suddenly, remembering last summer when Sapnap had gotten drunk at a summer party and almost burnt down the house. He likes to lord it over his head now.

"You make a good point. Any idea when it'll start?" George asked, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"He tends to start parties at 6ish, and its.." Dream checks his phone. "And its 5:05 right now."

"How are we to get to his house?" George asked, not wanting to repeat the previous morning, not knowing how they were supposed to get to school.

"Oh he lives like a 5 minute walk from here, we'll be fine." Dream opens the fridge. "We should probably eat before we go. I have leftover spaghetti, if you want any?"

"Leftover or bought from that italian place in town?" George questioned, he knew from Sapnap's tale of Dream trying to cook pasta (which seemed to end with spaghetti on the ceiling, somehow).

Dream rolled his eyes at this, and grabbed the glass container the pasta was trapped inside of. He popped it in the microwave.

"Try not to get too drunk, yeah?" Dream said, taking the now warmed spaghetti out of the microwaves and putting it into two bowls. "Its hard enough carrying a sober George home."

George rolled his eyes.

Dream put down the bowl in front of George, along with a fork, and began to eat his own bowl.

"We can go there early, make sure Sapnap isn't burning the house down or something." Dream let out a wheezing laugh, a laugh that George had begun to fall in love with.


They arrived at the house, after George convinced Dream to walk like a normal person, a few minutes before the beginning of the party. The last bit of alcohol was being poured into cups, however there were a few empty ones already strewn across the floor.

"Hey! You both made it!" Sapnap said, looking up to see George's arm hooked around Dream's (for support, according to George). "There's already a few people here, hence the cups all about the place. Its that really lovey dovey couple and a few of their friends so take a wild guess where they went."

Dream and George groaned in unison, which, funnily enough, was amplified by another groan coming from a closet. With a shared look between the three, they decided to never touch that closet again.

"Thank god I moved all my clothes into a dresser." Sapnap said, as he began to pick up the discarded cups and place them in the trash.

Over the next few minutes others began to trickle in, and stood around the house.

The sun quickly set and thats when people really started to party, tossing away worries or cares as they downed the cups.

Dream decided to particpate, despite his earlier warning to George, and not wanting to be left out (and being practically attached to Dream, trying to make sure he didn't fall down the stairs), had a cup or two, enough to be tipsy, but not flat-out drunk like Dream.

He watched, in worry and awe as Dream downed two cups of whatever alcohol Sapnap had put into the cups.

Periodically every 30 minutes he would drag George back for more, getting more and more drunk, until 5 drinks in George blocked the table.

"I refuse to let you touch another drink." George said defiantly, although there wasn't really much need, and Dream wasn't in much of a state to put up a fight. Or do much of anything at all, but that didn't stop him from joining the others dancing in Sapnaps living room.

Couples slowly began to trickle out to other rooms, and when those were occupied, unfortunately for everyone else, the bathrooms, and one couple lost all dignity and caused the kitchen to be off limits.

George managed to escape all attempts that anyone made to seduce him, until he found his way back to a very drunk Dream (the stupidity of how much alcohol had began to take full effect on him).

George began to steer Dream away from everyone else, until finally he spotted Sapnap, calmly sipping a water in the corner. He shoved Dream into him.

"What do I do with him." He asked, as Sapnap laughed and brushed Dream off him.

"I dunno, make sure he doesn't get in a car? The best you can do with a drunk Dream is just not let him touch anything. Last time he got this drunk he tried to make pasta and almost burnt down the kitchen. Come to think of it whenever any of us gets drunk it always seems to end in fire..." As Sapnap pondered this revelation, Dream had wandered back into the fray.

George went and rescued him, like any good friend would do.

Although it wasn't very friendly when Dream started flirting with George.

Or when George, being as intoxicated as he was, began to fully blush and flirt back.

Luckily before things got too far Sapnap interrupted them.

"Okay considering you're drunk as well George, I'm taking the drunk Dream outside."

"I'm not drunk." Dream slurred, as he attempted to resist efforts of a completely sober Sapnap. Obviously these efforts were futile, and so Dream, along with George (who seemed to refuse to let the drunk out of his sight again).

So they ended up outside, sat on the grass, talking about whatever two drunk people and a sober person speak about.

That is until Sapnap left for another water, or to use the bathroom, or something, and Dream leaned in closer to George.

And George did too.



Hey! This was a bit of a shorter chapter but it is 12:01 as I write this, I was planning on leaving on a cliffhanger, and I didn't know how else to get to this point. Also I won't be naming names of the countertop couple. **AHEM BAD AND SKEPPY AHEM**

Anyways I think you guys would like to know that I accidentally wrote a smut scene for a paragraph, but deleted it, so just think of that </3.

Goodnight, it is now 12:02, and I'm tired.

Art Creds: Anne Lee on Pintrest (only place I could find this art)

Word Count: 1247

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