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[TW]: Alcohol, car accident

George drop back down onto his feet, no longer on his tip toes as Dream stared at his feet in shock.

"What-?" Dream says, flustered, stepping back and trying to regain his composure.

"That stupid note in my closest."

There wasn't a note in his closest, George simply thought it'd be funny to toy with the younger male a bit.

Dream rolled his eyes, quickly regaining his computer, a wave of relief relaxing his shoulders. "Yeah right, I haven't even been to your house."

George shrugged and ducked down at one of the cabinets, staring into it.

"Your out of chips." George said, shutting the door and letting out an exaggerated annoyed groan.

"I only got those chips because you liked them, so if their gone it's your fault."

"Hey! At least come to the store with me or something."

"I'm supposed to be meeting Sap for a practice in a minute-"

"The game isn't even until tomorrow."George whined.

"Exactly, but there hasn't been a real game for me in weeks, so we're getting extra practice in."

"That's boring."

"And the store isn't?"

George finally caved and sunk to the ground in a defeated pout.

Dream contained to stare at his phone, then chuckle and reach a hand towards George to pull him up. "Fine, we can go the store together, but it means you'll have to come to the boring practice."

George gladly accepted the hand, happy to finally have won over Dream.

Dream pulled a beaten up bike out of a shed behind his house.

"The other bikes tire is popped, so either we'll both walk or just hold onto my waist."

George blushed, before Dream scooted forward on the seat, and George took up the rest of the small seat, wrapping his arms tightly around Dream's waist and stretching to rest his chin on Dreams shoulder in an attempt to see.

Dream wheezed. "I see you've made you choice."

And without warning, Dream kicked the kickstand up and sped down the sidewalk.

"Dream-! Slow down your gonna crash!"

Dream only chuckled, bringing one hand up and giving George an affectionate pat on the head.

"DREAM! KEEP BOTH HANDS ON THE HANDLE BARS." George shouted, squeezing his waist tighter.

Dream wheezed once again, and soon enough they both arrived in front of the nearest grocery store, hair blown back from the wind.

George very quickly jumped off the bike, beating Dream with lectures about how he needs to bike safer as Dream locked the bike up.

"Okay okay, I get it, now shut up and go get your chips."

The grocery store door dinged as George walked through.

Dream stared at the ground, kicking his shoes at stray rocks.

Did George really know about the note or was he just making a stupid joke?

Dream, in the back of his head, knew the truth, but he didn't want to confront that, not now, or really ever.

His feelings for George could be stuck deep down in some part of him, only to resurface late at night, where he could drown it out with anything else.

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