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She pulls her husband into their chambers closing the door before turning around, glaring at him. She has had this conversation with him before but did not get upset because she knows how her husband behaves. Today she is clearly upset. 

The King of Moore just looks at her before stretching out to pull her against him but she slaps it away. "Xerxes I am serious," Saya says in a cautioning tone. Xerxes meets her eyes with his indifferent ones. 

"She's a child," he retaliates.

"Exactly, a child. Your first and only daughter. I understand you do not have a sister or anything so this is new to you, but my love you need to take it easy with her. You can be protective without having to hurt her like that."

Xerxes stares at her for a few minutes, before sighing, nodding in understanding. She watches as her husband leaves their chambers to correct his 'wrongdoings'.

The King of Moore walks down and out the castle, heading to the gardens. He comes upon a little girl who is sitting on the stone bench sniffling. Releasing a light sigh, he calls,


The girl turns to her father immediately, upon hearing her name. Princess Elia of Moore, carbon copy of her father. People have already said she will grow to be one of the most beautiful women in all of the great Kingdoms. Could it be her dark blue eyes or her pitch-black hair, that refused her mother's texture, or the olive skin she got straight from her father? No one can pinpoint what exactly makes her so beautiful. She is just Elia, a little girl crying because of a broken heart.  She opens her arms in tears, as her father carries her, bringing her into a warm hug, as he takes a seat on the stone bench.

He gently pats her, kissing her hair, as he rocks side to side a bit. Elia lifts her head to meet Xerxes' eyes, "Father I-"

"Shhh. It's okay" he says, wiping her tears before gently pressing her back to his chest, soothing her. When the little girl finally calms down, he breaks the hug so that she is looking at him. His own little princess, it hurts to see her cry, but he got a bit upset with the situation.

"Do you know why I was upset?" he asks.

The little girl nods wiping her runny nose, her eyes not leaving his. 


"It's because I love Lucan"

Xerxes bites back his irritation and nods. "How do you know you love him?"

"He's kind...and gives He...always everything I say...even if I am boring. When everyone...else makes fun of me,... he protects me," she explains, her cheeks turning red.

Xerxes closes his eyes and takes a deep calm breath. "You're too young to understand what love is"

"But I love you father," she says, instantly melting his heart. Curse the gods for putting him in this situation!

Xerxes nods, taking her hands and kissing them. "I love you too, but you need to be careful around boys. You're only six, so it's my job to protect you okay?"

She nods, another tear leaving her eyes, "I'm sorry"

"It's alright. Don't leave again without my knowledge if it's not with any of your brothers," he says, wiping away the tear, as she nods. "I love you," she says again, hugging him.

"I love you" he responds kissing her hair. 

"Elia!" a boy yells running to her. Xerxes looks up, and his little princess turns around to the source. The boy is holding a flower in his hand as he runs up to them.

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