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Stephan looks at his brother and pats the grass next to him. Xerxes rolls his eyes but sits down beside him.

"You really landed the jackpot brother! I am honestly jealous of you. She is the first woman to reject me! Twice now!"

"You and me both," Xerxes replies, staring at the sky. Stephan examines his brother's face, he sighs.

"What did you do to her?"

Xerxes doesn't reply, making Stephan chuckle. "She really did a number on you, I'll just have to assume the worst"
"I called her a whore," Xerxes says closing his eyes and taking a deep breath.

"What the hell Xerxes! That is worse than the worst I assumed! What is wrong with you brother? You need to get that anger of yours under control," Stephan admonishes

"You're saying that as if it's easy"

"But what led you to call her that?!"

"...She wanted to come thank you for saving her, but I refused and started getting intimate. She refused to let me take her, so I angrily told her that she wanted to lay with you and called her a whore," Xerxes narrates still staring at the sky.

"She should've smacked you," Stephan says chuckling.

"But brother, just from a single conversation I had with her, I could tell she was the real deal, how could you-"

"I was too angry, I wasn't thinking when I said it," Xerxes sighs

"Of course you were not! She even told me that the thought of me touching her that way makes her want to throw up"

"I heard"

"She is a beauty, brother. That outfit she's wearing today  just made her body so-" Stephan swallows his sentence when he sees Xerxes glaring at him.

"I'm just saying, you have the beauty and the brains all in one! I always get the beauty airheads because they're easy for flings, but now, I should look for my package as well." Xerxes keeps mute still looking at the sky.

"Listen brother, I know you hurt her, and from the looks of things, this is obviously not the first time you're doing it. You really need to try harder to get that anger under control. I mean, she helps control that anger but when your anger is directed towards her, you need to take those deep breaths we've been talking about. She might leave you for another-"

"That's impossible," he says cutting him off.

"Sure, it's treason but she won't care bec-"

"She's pregnant," Xerxes says, dropping the bomb. Stephan's eyes widen in shock.

"You did give her that medicine after every lay right?" Xerxes nods his head.

"And you asked the maids if they had ever seen blood on her sheets?"

Xerxes nods again.

"That means, your prophecy is coming true?"

"We can't be too sure"

"What do you mean we can't be too sure! The Witch from the West's words were as clear as crystal!

A woman that never bleeds, you shall take

Faithful and loyal like Petal is to stem

Though death she will consume, life she shall bring forth

What else is there to confirm? Don't tell me, you're not sure if she's loyal"

"It's not that," Xerxes says looking at him.  "What if after this, it turns out she's still not the one? The prophecy was only about my first child, what if something happens?"

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