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Saya's heart drops when she hears the horn. Why is the kingdom under attack? Her people are peaceful and are not at war or have problems with anyone!'s a message!

"Princess we have to go!" Peter yells, grabbing her arm. The screams of her people are hurting her.

"It's probably the resistance, they're using my father's kingdom to send King Xerxes a message!"

"I know...but we have to keep you safe!" Saya yanks her arm away from Peter. "We have to save the children! I cannot let them die...we can plan an escape and-"

"Princess just listen to me! There is NO time for that! It seems like they planned this whole thing with the intention of you being at Moore. If they find out you are here, you will be their main target! You cannot expose your baby like this!"

Saya agrees reluctantly running back to the castle with Peter. Her people's voices and screams fill her ears, this pain she will never forget.

They get to the castle and pass the guards surrounding it. "They have not breached the castle walls! This should buy us some time!" Saya says, heading up the stairs. The sound of explosions outside the castle echo throughout the walls.

"Mother!" Saya yells, running to her. "You need to get out of here!" She yells in response.

"No, I cannot leave you and father! We can make it out, the trapped door-"

"They know about it! They have already started entering the castle. Our guards are fighting them off there."

"But I cannot leave you mother! I will not!" tears flow from Saya's eyes uncontrollably. Just then they hear screams at the doors of the castle.

Peter turns alarmed. Saya needs to get out of here. "It's too late! We're already surrounded!" Saya says looking at the door of the castle. Queen Sandra grabs her daughter walking further up the stairs, "I can take them!" Peter says readying his weapons. "You'll die!" The queen yells.

They barge into one of the chambers that Saya is not familiar with. Queen Sandra pushes the chest at the corner, and they see it, a door on the floor! The queen opens it to reveal a space that can fit one person.
"Mother!" Saya turns to her.

"I will lead them away to your father's chambers. We are as good as dead anyway. Peter, once you see them heading that way, I need you to take Saya and run towards the back of the castle. If I am not mistaken they did not find out about that trapped door but we cannot be too sure. Saya, hide here while Peter goes to check if the coast is clear!"

"Mother please! Don't do this!" Saya says in tears.
"You need to be strong Saya. You have a baby and I do not want this mess to hinder the growth at all, I will never be okay with myself, even at death. Now go!"

Saya hugs her mother one last time shivering, her mother kissing her forehead and cheek. She enters the small room. "Be safe my child!" she says closing the door. Saya's wails become louder, she did not expect this to go down when she planned on visiting. Sandra pushes the chest over the door and heads out with Peter. "Listen well, because I cannot repeat the directions to that place twice!" Peter nods, ready.

The resistance had breached the castle walls, and entered the castle! The men headed forward barging into the throne room.

"Men of war," they hear a woman call. Queen Sandra is sitting on the throne calmly looking at them.

One of the men dressed like a commander step forwards, "We know your daughter is within these walls"

"I do not know what you're -"

"Shut up! My men are already searching! Too bad that bastard Xerxes did not see this coming. I can't wait to get my hands on your daughter and carefully carve out that baby she has in her womb. I will tear her apart and gift her carcass to Xerxes."

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