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It's been six weeks since Saya put to bed, making her baby six weeks old. Stephan and Laila had gone back to their kingdom four weeks ago, while Julius and Peter stayed as lieutenants for King Xerxes. 

Oma had just died a week ago from her madness. She spent all her days in the dungeon talking to herself and scratching the walls peeling her nails and fingers. Her eyes widened each day, thus increasing the rate of her madness. As per her suffering, spoken by the witch, worms began eating her body as she was alive. She eventually swallowed her tongue by accident, ending it for her. Of course Saya knew she died, but Xerxes spared her all the gory details.

Since the day of his son's birth, Xerxes has been keeping his promise. Saya wakes up beside him everyday, and he even relieves Saya at night, by putting the baby to sleep when he starts crying. The princess has been so happy, and couldn't have asked for a better father for her child.

Nabir and Peter eventually started seeing each other, their relationship actually growing. At times the commander would try to ask Saya for help, but going through Xerxes is something that makes him scared to death. The level of protectiveness he has over Saya and Elior is something he has never seen.

Saya is playing with Elior when she hears people screaming and shouting outside. She carries her baby looking out of the window and sees people are gathered around the castle chanting...her name?

Saya's heart pounds fast, what is going on? What did she do? Nabir comes through the door smiling at her, confusing Saya all the more.

"What is going on Nabir?"

"Come with me," she says, turning around leaving the room. Saya looks at her baby, who is staring at her, and looks back at the door, before leaving.

Where is Xerxes? She has not seen him since this early morning. She follows Nabir, her heart pounding faster. Nabir gets to the castle doors knocking twice. The door opens to reveal Xerxes standing there, people screaming and chanting louder once they see her.

Elior starts crying due to the noise, making her bounce up and down a bit for him to stop crying. Xerxes raises his hand immediately silencing everyone, only Elior's cries are heard; why? This is so embarrassing. The whispers of people blessing and praising the child are heard faintly.

"People of Moore, we know why we are gathered here. We are here to celebrate the new tradition put in place by Saya, Princess of Laine, and mother of my son."

By this time Elior has stopped crying and Saya is looking confused, what tradition is he talking about?

One of his advisors step forward with a scroll, Xerxes taking a step back, standing by Saya's side.

"What are you talking about?" she whispers to him in his ear, but he does not respond pointing at the advisor.

"People of Moore, let it be known that starting from today, everyone, be it male or female has the right to become literate without any need of fear or panic. The tradition that has restrained women, was forgotten and seen as part of life and normalcy, but this ends today. Princess Saya of Laine has proven to the counsel of advisors and the king, that women have a lot to bring to the table, and if they're given a chance, they can work alongside men and make this Kingdom a better place. This is the new tradition, and so shall it be!"

Everyone begins cheering, hailing Saya while Nabir takes Elior back inside, due to the noise. Saya on the other hand, cannot believe this is happening, she turns to Xerxes smiling at him, mouthing the words 'thank you' to which he nods, his hand on the small of her back.

The advisor raises his hand, silencing everyone once more. "Also, in front of the people, King Xerxes of Moore wishes to make Princess Saya of Laine, his queen."

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