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It has only been a week since the incident at King Stephan's party but it feels like eternity to Xerxes. King Stephan has gone back to his kingdom, while Saya has been ignoring Xerxes and won't even look his way. She still brings up his meals in the morning but she doesn't spare him a glance.

He can't touch her, no, he won't touch her. She doesn't want him to and he doesn't know how to apologize properly to her. He has tried several times but it always falls on deaf ears. Saya sleeps in his chambers, but he sleeps on the long chair by the other side of the room. He will rather sleep there and have his eye on her, than to let her sleep in her chambers where he isn't close by.

Meanwhile, Lady Oma had heard the news of what was going on and now sees this as an opportunity for her to take what is rightfully hers.

"Where is the king?" she asks the maid combing her hair.

"He is in his study working, My Lady"

She smiles to herself and stands up. She wears her most revealing outfit. A red translucent gown that pushes her breasts upwards, and hugs her body, showing off her figure.

"Make sure no one disturbs me when I enter the king's study," she says wearing a robe to cover herself.

The maid nods following her out of her chambers and up the stairs. Oma gets to the door, ignoring the guards and pushes the door open.

Xerxes looks up and sees Oma, but looks back down immediately. Oma slowly but seductively walks towards him.

"I heard about what happened between you and Saya My Lord, and it really does not sit right with me."

"What do you want?" he asks, his eyes still on the paper he's holding.

"I was worried that you would be lonely, and since Saya hasn't been speaking with you for a week now,it means you have not been with a woman since then. I just want to make you feel good, My Lord, you have been terribly stressed lately," Oma unties her robe, letting it fall to the ground. Xerxes lifts his head when he hears her robe fall, and then looks at what she's wearing before meeting her gaze.

She smiles and walks closer till she's in front of him. She sees his frown but doesn't mind, she likes it when he's like that, he takes her rougher that way.

"You also haven't touched me since you first laid with Saya. My body is craving for you, My Lord," she says squeezing her right breast and letting go to make it dangle, but Xerxes is just looking at her face, annoyed. She moves to sit down on his lap but he stands up immediately causing her to fall, her butt smacking the floor.

"My Lord," she cries out and holds his hand before he can walk away.

"This is not fair! I am your woman too! I need a man to touch me as-"

"Then go get one," he says turning to her. "I let you go Oma. You can leave and be with someone else, and stop wasting your time as a woman of the king"

"Your woman My Lord!"
"Go find yourself a man, I will not touch you or look your way. As far as I am concerned, I only have one woman." He frees his hand from her grip and walks out of his study leaving Oma in tears.

This is not fair! The king cannot use and dump her like that! Even though she willingly gave herself to him, it's because she thought she could have him all to herself, and now he's letting her go just like that? No, she will not go down, not without a fight!

Xerxes heads up to his chambers and sees that Saya isn't there. He frowns and sends a guard to get a maid that knows Nabir.

"Y-y-yes M-m-my lord" a young woman says bowing her head.

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