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Xerxes is fuming right now. What in the world is wrong with his men? His two best comrades for that matter! They are leaving just because he is not interested in his other woman anymore?

Xerxes storms out of his study going to his chambers. He cannot even focus on his work now. They have really changed his mood, and he does not like it one bit. All these memories that Stephan has been talking about, he does not remember any of them. All he knows is that he has a woman, Saya, who got pregnant but feels nothing for her. He even wanted to send her away for treason because he doesn't remember lying with her, but Stephan told him to let her stay till she puts to bed and he'll take her to Sheath away from his life...good. All women do to him now is get pregnant randomly and claim he's the father. She obviously followed in Cordelia's footsteps with the hope of her situation being different.

Oma walks inside the room and sits beside him. She can tell by the veins on his hands and arms that he's still furious. "My love, don't mind them, they're loyal to you. They will come back when they see they've made a mistake," Oma comforts putting her hand on his thigh, caressing it.

"Not now Oma," he says, getting irritated. Oma whines like a baby kissing his cheek then his neck, moving her hand to his shaft, but he grabs her hand throwing it off.

"I said not now," he warns. Oma gets up from the bed leaving his chambers annoyed.

What is going on? The very first time he was eager to be with her, but he didn't go through with it. She thought he just needed a little push but still nothing is working. The dark magic should be strong enough to get him to lay with her but he has not done so since she arrived! The closest they always get to is caressing their bodies and her removing her clothes but he doesn't remove his, and always says they should stop.

"Love will conquer all!"

Oma shakes those words away, that witch is even tormenting her in her death! She's right though, love does and will conquer all. That is why her love for the king should be enough for her to conquer him completely!


Saya gets news of what Julius and Peter had done, and marches to the garden, clearly upset. "What is wrong with the both of you?!" Saya exclaims to the men who seem less interested with what she has to say.

"We did what is right," Julius says. "And we do not regret it," Peter adds.

Nabir stands beside Saya a bit worried for her. She has been stressing since she got here! It has been a long journey as well!

"Julius, Peter, you've known the king longer than you've known me."

"It does not matter princess! The king needs to get his head straight. He loves you and only you! How dare he call his own child, his own flesh and blood a bastard? Is he insane?!" Julius exclaims, getting furious.

"...He's not in his right mind," she mutters after a few minutes.

"Then he should bloody fight for his right mind! King Xerxes is a very strong and powerful man, yet he is easily swayed by dark magic from the Witch of the West? To hell with all that!" Peter says.

"You do not play with dark magic. It is more powerful than you think, it is out of this world, so when it is used it is hard to overcome. I myself know that," Saya tells them sternly.

"But aren't you upset princess?"

"Of course I am. I am heartbroken and dying inside. Xerxes does not know me anymore and it hurts so much. But I have to try and get him back, I will try."

"That is why we dropped our positions. Xerxes knows we are not one to give up the position as his lieutenants easily so this should make him think harder, at least trigger one thing in his memories. I have heard of dark magic as well, but love and the power of the gods wins over all," Peter says.

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