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Xerxes arrives at the building, banging the door open. The groans of Saya, together with the words of encouragement from the midwives fill the air. He sees a man he has met before standing, bowing in acknowledgement. Xerxes rushes past him, and up the stairs, the groans louder, his heart pounding faster. He follows the noise to a door, seeing it open. He enters inside and sees Saya groaning on the bed, his heart clenching.

"She's too tired to push anymore," one of the women says.

"She needs to try or the baby might die!" the other adds. Xerxes rushes to her side, the women bowing to him in respect, "My Lord," they greet.

Saya opens her eyes, turning her head, relief and fear creeping up at the same time.

"Saya," he calls, taking her hand gently.


"It's me princess, I'm so sorry for everything. Right now you need to push our baby out."

Saya shakes her head, tears flowing from her eyes, "I'm too tired, I can't," she says panting hard.

"Look at me," he says, Saya doing exactly that. "We'll get through this. I promised I'll be with you and here I am, even if it's not on the best terms. We want to know if she is a he remember? I'm right here, I'm not going anywhere so I need you to push."

She nods rapidly taking a deep breath,  Xerxes drying her tears,

"One, two, push!" the woman says, Saya exclaims pushing again.

"I see the head! We're almost there princess, two big ones!"

It seems the moment Xerxes arrived, the baby felt the need to come out immediately.

"You're doing good" Xerxes kisses her forehead, his heart aching for her. She pushes again, gripping his hand,

"Great job Princess! One more time, that's all we need!" the woman calls out.

Saya struggles, her breathing not helping at all. "One more princess, one more," Xerxes says.

"Nnnggguuhhh!"  she pushes with all her might. Saya is relieved almost immediately when she hears the women telling her it's over.

"Good job princess!" the woman congratulates. The cries of the baby erupt, Saya's heart melting instantly. Xerxes kisses her sweaty temple, his hand caressing hers.

"It's a boy!" the woman says bringing the baby close to Saya and Xerxes. Tears of joy escape her eyes as she sees her baby crying. She brought life into this world, she couldn't believe it.

"Let me clean him up," the woman says, both Xerxes and Saya nodding in understanding. She lays her head back, Mrs Guy cleaning her up.

"Thank you Mrs Guy"

"Anything for you princess."

Saya lets out a huge sigh and sniffs, her breathing slowing down, but her pain still there, the worst is over, that's enough for her. The woman comes back with the baby, handing him to Saya who takes the boy, after sitting up with the help of Xerxes, her heart filling up.

The baby whines a bit, his eyes focused on Saya. Just seeing her baby relieves all her labour pains; she loves him so much.  "It's mommy. I'm right here my love," she says gently putting her finger inside his balled up fists. The baby reacts immediately making a little noise before he starts to cry again.

"Princess, you should feed him," the woman says. Saya nods, the woman helps her position her baby by her right side. Saya pulls down the sheet revealing her right full breast, bringing her nipple to her baby's mouth which he latches onto immediately like a leech, ceasing his cries.

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