Chapter Seven

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Tasha's Pov
"I knew they were like rich rich, but Tasha this is insane! But so awesome." A very heavy sigh left my lips, feeling one of the maids was helping style my hair up into quite the elegant puff-like bun on my head. I never really was a fan of makeup to beginning with.

But for this one special day, I could manage with some light face makeup like lipstick and eyeshadow maybe even some eyeliner and whatnot.

"Mom that's all you and the entire family can talk about, I thought when the clan picked someone to come to Zoldyck household you knew." I laughed out shaking my head a couple of times.

"All done my lady, wow you look..." One of the maids paused to stare at me her eyes wide while I stood up a bit heading over to the full length to stare at myself a bit.

"Handsome and gorgeous? " I finished for her turning around a little grinning watching her nod her head super fast still blushing.

"Thank you, Kio, you've helped me a lot today, Lilly stop trying to steal things I see you!" I exclaimed over at my sister who wasn't even trying to hide the fact that she was stuffing things inside her dress near her breast. She groaned flashing me a glare. Which I returned.

"Behave," I warned to her rolling my eyes. My stress levels were already to the roof cause my family didn't know how to act like at all. My dad and mom acted like they had no common sense and my sister just wanted to be better than anyone else.

I couldn't even facepalm cause my face was coated with this makeup. While I started to light argue with my sister about why it was wrong to steal from her soon-to-be in-laws. The door to my own dressing room flung open gathering my attention I was confused seeing Killua but as well Hisoka. I had the pleasure of meeting him early today.

"Well don't you look good in a suit Killua." I laughed quietly making my way over to him seeing his blushing furious like.

"You look amazing Tasha! Pantsuits really are your thing." I grinned at my brother law but I focused on Hisoka since I could sense something was up. Hisoka hummed a bit playing with a card moving it between his fingers a few times.

"Tasha darling we have a small problem. Illumi is having the worst cold feet I've seen and doesn't wanna come out. I was thinking maybe if he heard your voice he'll relax a little." My face scrunched up to concern but I was worried about it.

"Mom can't even get him out so you are the next best thing," Killua exclaimed at me.

"Alright alright lead the way! Mom, I'll be back please behave." I waved my hand over my shoulder. My black heels clicking as I made my way down the hallway with those two leading me. It wasn't too long before I was in front of the door with the two leaving me be.

I ranked my brain over everything these past few months and I knew I loved Illumi yeah it wasn't an ideal love story but he was something special. I raised my fist up to knock a few times speaking.

"Illumi baby? What's the matter?" I called through the door I heard quite a loud gasp before the fast exclaiming.

"Babe! Don't come in here it's bad luck to see me before the ceremony."  A sudden soft smile went across my face. He was still being adorable.

"Alright then baby I'll just stand out here to talk to you, but I know you are nervous. Maybe even scared being in front of a whole bunch of people? But they don't matter right now okay? None of the people that seem scary matter right now it's just you and me alright? And I already know you look beautiful and handsome because it's you Illumi I love you and I want you to know you aren't alone and I'll be right here, waiting at the end of the aisle for you and that when we say I do I won't let you go ever. You are my future now okay? And that's a promise." I shut my eyes for a moment to hear the worried sniffles weren't as bad as before.

"You promise... Forever?" I pressed my forehead on the door and I could just feel that he was near the door as well.

"I promise forever baby."

Carefully I held his hand above me to twirl him around nice and slow like giggling quietly after to watch the way he twirled. He seemed at so much ease but I think he was enjoying himself now after crying during the ceremony.

"Well, aren't you having fun now baby." I chuckled seeing Illumi's cheeks flushed such a soft red color gazing up at me.

"Maybe it wasn't as bad as I was expecting mommy." He trailed off little strands of his hair fell from his own bun he had, he was the star of the show with the beautiful dress. Just in general he was beautiful.

"Wow, I'm in shock look at how beautiful you are." I pulled him close to me seeing his face growing red yet again as he spoke to me.

"You are making me blush too much babe this is entirely unfair but I knew white was a good color on you." He smiled our dancing stopping for just a small minute his hands stroking at my arms.

"Killua said the same thing, but you still have to meet my family and I am dreading that," I whined loudly at the thought and it seemed like Illumi liked the idea.

"I met your sister briefly she's something else, your dad said I looked good so that's a plus. Only one I'm worried about is your mother seems very bossy and judgmental." I made a small face at the thought.

"You have no idea. She use to call me too chubby like all the time."

"May I kill her?"

"No, you may not." Me and Illumi had a playful banter back and forth him trying to tell me why it would be a good reason to when both Gon and Killua bound their way over grabbing at both Illumi's hands.

"Illumi come dance with us you promised." I grinned at the cute sight seeing him looking surprised but he smiled with soft eyes. "Alright-" He barely finished his sentence when the two kids were dragging him off laughing and whatnot. I folded my arms over my chest grinning even more.

"Well done darling... That dress is gorgeous you'll have to make me one next." I snapped my attention to Hisoka who flashed me a grin lifting his glass towards me standing near me. I grew flustered but chuckled.

"Of course just give me your measurement I'll make you something." I smiled turning my attention watching Illumi so closely. He was spinning around with both Gon and Killua who were laughing and whatnot.

"He really does love you I can say that for sure, take care of him he is a special one if you hurt him in any way I'll kill you." I took that mental note focusing back on Hisoka flashing him a smile.

"I couldn't dream of hurting him, like you said he is one of a kind."

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