Chapter Two

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Tasha's Pov
"So anyway, this is your room, will be sharing one with me once we actually got married, the manor is kinda large, even I get lost sometimes and I grew up here. There's a few bathrooms, a library, a lot of butler's nothing really special."

I mindless followed along with Illumi while he was giving me the longest tour to mankind, but it was nice spending some time with at least.

"It's beautiful," I muttered taking time to study everything, but I squeak a little when a white-haired boy nearly crashed into me till I caught him.

I stared at him a little with him in my arms seeing him staring at me deeply.

"Oh that's my youngest brother Killua, hey Kill when did you get back?" Illumi questioned. 

The boy couldn't more than twelve but he was so small and adorable.

"Like an hour ago? Maybe thank you miss for catching me, so who are you anyway?" I chuckled for some odd reason I didn't wanna let him go from my hold but he didn't seem to be complaining he was hugging me just as tight.

"Well uhh as of today, I'm Illumi's fiance." I chuckled casually seeing Killua's eyes grow wide before he looked at Illumi who casually just placed his hand on his hip nodding his head a couple times.

"Wow, Illumi getting married I never thought I would imagine the day, a lot of girls think he is creepy." A hard snort left me and Illumi actually looked offended.

"I'm not creepy most women just can't handle me." He chuckled.

"Well welcome to the family, good luck Tasha you'll need it our family is so screwed up." I started laughing nervously looking to Illumi.

"Killua now don't scare her away we haven't even made it to the honeymoon yet, she was gonna show me how her enchanting hips move."

"Its called sex Illumi," Killua exclaimed making a face.

All I could do was stare at this boy and keep laughing nervously. I wonder if all his siblings were like this. Oh lord don't I have to go to dinner later? That's gonna be even ten times more awkward.

After the tour was over Illumi took me back to my room, told me I could freshen up and change. So that's what I did. I took a shower, did my hair, and changed into a more comfortable yet formal outfit that seemed right a nice dress that fit me with some flats. I had looked up when Carney entered my room gazing at me.

"You look lovely Tasha, I'm here to escort you to the dining hall." She flashed me a small grin which I returned a little, but I followed her through the loops and turns she bowed her head at me as she showed me the large dining area.

Illumi almost like he was sensing my presence stood up and met me in the doorway.

"You look beautiful." He greeted me making me a little flustered but he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, which I returned to him taking his hand, he leads me to a seat beside him, pulling my chair out he sat beside me.

"Okay Tasha these are the rest of my siblings, Kalluto he's the youngest, Alluka she is the second youngest, Milluki is the second oldest, that's grandpa Zeno, my father Silva isn't home and you've already met my mother Kikyo, and Killua this is our family, family."

He seemed so bored while he was explaining it to me but I bowed my head as a greeting.

"She's so pretty good choice big brother!" Alluka let a small giggle out and I smiled at her while she kept giggling eating at her food.

"Illumi you are joking right?" Milluki suddenly spoke while he was shoving food into his mouth.

"No, is there a problem?" Illumi questioned while he slides a plate my way casually leaning his other hand on his cheek.

"I thought you would at least choose a skinny bride she already looks like she is pregnant." He started cackling out laughing and I found his statement so hypocritical.

I never was one to judge anyone on their weight but he had at least four plates of food and was a few sizes bigger than me.

"Milluki you have no reason to talk with your four plates." Killua cracked up laughing fast while he smirked.

"You might even get a fifth." Milluki slammed his fist in the table glaring at Killua, and Illumi let out the loudest snort but covered it up with a cough.

"I think she's fine the way she is, haven't you heard that women who are curvy with a cute chubby tummy make the best mothers no you wouldn't know that?" Killua grinned flashing me a grin and Illumi started laughing quietly.

"Killua how do you even know that?" Kalluto questioned looking at him.

"The web I looked up the ten reasons why do get married, and for some reason that popped up." Kikyo shot Illumi a look but he just kept laughing twirling his hair around his fingers.

"Yeah, this is gonna be quite interesting my dear," Illumi told me patting my thigh a bit.

"So Tasha what do you do for a living!" Killua beamed out interesting.

"I travel... A lot and perform and can do magic sometimes when I have the energy."

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