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"Get out right now

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"Get out right now." She yelled with tears in her eyes. "But......" he tried speaking but she didn't let him. "I said get out right now if you want to be alive Maxwell Knight." He went closer to her and cupped her face with both his hands. 

"Please listen mi amor, please let me explain Delilah. Please babe this isn't what you think." He said with many emotions in his voice but the most evident was pain. She wondered why the pain was there in his voice when he planned all this. 

She tried speaking but she just couldn't. She couldn't see his face now without feeling disgusted. She removed his hands from her face and stepped back. She started "Maxwell Knight, this is my last warning. Leave this place and leave my life forever. 

Don't you dare show me your fucking clown face ever again. And if you ever try coming back then..." she paused and took something out of her back pocket. His eyes widened seeing her pointing a gun at his head. She spoke again before he could do anything, "leave now before I end up finishing you off babe."

6 years later:

Delilah's pov:

"And when we go crashing down, we come back every time.
Cause we never go out of style"

I was humming to Style by Taylor Swift sitting in my car waiting for my stepsister to come. She had a school picnic today and apparently, their parents had to pick them up. I go to the entrance to see my sister fighting with a boy that looked around her age.

She turned 6 years old some months ago and she was the cutest kid ever. I hate kids but she is the only exception, to be honest. I walk over to them and then I see that they both are crying. I run up to Alisia and quickly bend down to their level. "What happened, why are you both crying? Did someone say something?"

"He hates me." She said sobbing. "Who is he and why does he hate you? Stop crying please it'll be fine." I say while hugging her tightly. She points her little fingers towards the boy who was now silently sobbing, and his face was red because of that. I asked him "why do you hate her? Did she do anything to you boy?". 

He stopped crying and shook his head no, he then said, "I don't hate you Alisia why would I?" he said in a very soft voice that had a sense of familiarity in them. Before I could say anything, Alisia asked "you don't hate me Ryan, so do you like me?" I almost laughed at their innocence. They were so cute.

Ryan replied with a wide grin and said, "yes of course Alisia you are my best friend I like you a lot". Alisia that was in my arms now left and went to hug this boy named Ryan. He hugged her back and they stayed like that for almost 2 minutes.

I watched them both in awe. I hope they date in the future they would make an amazing couple I can tell. Before u even judge me just know that this is one of my talents, I can tell which couple will stay together and which will not. They broke their hug, and I wiped their tears. Their faces were red because of crying, and they were looking like angels.

Before I do anything else, I hear a deep voice screaming Ryan's name. Ryan ran and hugged that man. I couldn't see his face properly because of his sunglasses. He put Ryan down and removed his sunglasses and our eyes met.

Him. It was him.

I could feel my anger boiling up as I saw his face. It was actually him. This wasn't a dream. It was real.

Maxwell's POV:

Her. It was actually her. The girl that I loved. Fuck maybe even still love. My only best friend, girlfriend, soulmate whatever you call it. Beautiful would be an understatement to describe this girl right here. I realized that we both were staring at each other so I smirked, but I was surprised to see that she didn't even bother blushing which was new. 

Trust me I am saying this because she used to blush for everything.

 My Delilah changed a lot it's kind of disappointing but cool at the same time. She just averted her eyes now and she was starting to leave. I could still see the hate and disgust in her eyes.

  She still hates me; she still didn't figure it out.

  She still hates me; she still didn't figure it out

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