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"But I wanna feel all that love and еmotionBe that attached to the person I'm holdin'"

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"But I wanna feel all that love and еmotion
Be that attached to the person I'm holdin'"

Conan gray's "People watching" interrupted their moment as his phone rang making them pull apart quickly.

"Oh my god Delilah what are you doing?" there was a screw near her foot.
He quickly pulled her towards him who was already half-laying on the sofa making her lips touch his forehead.
He closed his eyes on that feeling. "Oh how much I missed her forehead kisses," he thought to himself.

Her lips unconsciously stayed there for a while until she realized what she was doing. she quickly pulled away and was about to get up but he held her waist. 

"Stop moving, there is a screw near your leg," he said carefully picking himself and her up and placing her on the opposite side of the couch.

"oh thanks" she meekly mumbled which was almost unheard by him. He turned to walk away but realized that she was still holding his hand. He stood in front of her waiting for her to remove her hold but she just raised an eyebrow indicating if he needed anything else.

'hand' he said quietly. "what hand?" she asked more confused. he simply pressed her hand with his fingers indicating for her to leave his hand.  

As soon as she realized that she was still holding his hand, she moved away from him as if she was going to be struck by lighting if she didn't.


He just stood there seeing her run upstairs to their room. As soon as she went, he followed her upstairs just to see her standing at the door blocking his way.

He put his hand on her waist and moved her away going inside the room.

Hot damn

"You can take the bed, I will go sleep on the couch," he said as he didn't want her to be uncomfortable because of him.

"It's really small you won't be able to sleep on them," she said looking at him who was already looking at her.

"then do you want me to sleep on the floor or something?" he said looking at her confused.

"no just sleep on your side of the bed, it's fine," she said and started moving towards the mirror to remove 

"But Delilah-" he said not wanting to make her uncomfortable by sleeping on the same bed.

"Maxwell, it's fine I trust you, just go sleep," she said softly looking at him through the mirror.

"You do?" he asked very surprisedly, that was the last thing Maxwell expected for her to say.

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