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The next 1-2 chapters will only be the flashbacks as everyone wanted to know what happened between them<33

11 years ago: Age- 13 

"Students, kindly welcome the new student-Delilah Warner. She has shifted here from the school branch in Boston, please treat her kindly" the teacher said eyeing the group of students warningly while the thirteen-year-olds just smirked in return and turned to the new girl who had mesmerizing green eyes and shoulder-length brown hair that was tied in a half ponytail.

"Hi everyone it's nice to meet you I hope we get along," the green-eyed girl said in a very sweet yet confident tone catching the attention of a certain someone.

A green-eyed boy with messy brownish-black hair looked at the girl who spoke in a sweet but sickly voice to him.

He lifted himself off the table where he was half sleeping and widened his eyes seeing the girl in front of him. She was fucking beautiful.

He then squints his eyes trying to remember where he has seen her face before but his mind just didn't remember anything.

"Delilah, go and sit behind Maxwell, Max please raise your hand," the teacher said in a fake sweet voice half glaring at Maxwell who just had a small smile on his face. 

He secretly winked at the teacher while raising his hand smiling sweetly at his classmates.

Unaware of his intentions, she started walking towards her seat when suddenly a leg came in her way.

As her quick reflexes kicked in, she quickly grabbed the nearest thing around her which happened to be Maxwell's hand pulling herself near him when her top's sleeve rolled up making Maxwell see the red bruise on her pale white skin.

His eyes widened seeing the bruise knowing exactly what it is off.

It was the bruise of abuse.

He now looked at her face that looked as if it has lost all its color and her eyes shone with an emotion he has often seen in his mom's eyes. She was afraid.

It was as if she was begging him to not point it out from her eyes and he left the hold on her hand making the sleeve fall back in place and Delilah sighed in relief which did not go unnoticed by Maxwell. 

She quickly ran to her seat trying her best to smile at everyone while she just tried calming down her uneven heartbeat.

Four of her classes were now done and she was getting up to eat lunch with some of her classmates when suddenly she saw that boy coming closer to their group.

"I need to talk to her, you all go in the canteen first," Maxwell pointed at Delilah and said to the group of girls who were blushing because he has not spoken that much ever to them. He just rolled his eyes looking at the green-eyed girl who was just staring back at him with an unknown expression but he was glad she wasn't afraid anymore.

He took her wrist and started pulling her towards the storeroom when she quietly flinched because he held the area where the bruise was located. He felt her action and turned a little seeing her try to mask up the pain and smile. He just turned back and gently took her hands in his tugging softly at it gently rubbing his thumb over her palm trying to soothe that pain.

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