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"I hope your little brother turns out to be nothing like you."

Note: Ryan is Maxwell's real brother. His mother found out she was pregnant after all the betrayal drama happened.

Delilah Warner{Unedited}

"Alisia and Ryan want to come live with you and Maxwell for a while."

From the corner of my eye, I noticed Maxwell leaning closer to my side, and my own thoughts wondered what had prompted Kathryn to come up with this plan. I'm not saying I don't want them to come here; I really do want.

It would make living in this hell-like place with this devil-like husband of mine much tolerable.

"Why? Did something happen at home? or did his father do something?" I asked softly, not before glancing at Maxwell again to now see him frowning at something on his phone.

Is he flash or something? How the fuck is this dude so fast?

"Oh no, nothing happened. Ryan's father has also gone to Italy for some mafia stuff so Ryan has been coming over a lot because he wants to meet Alisia. Today, they randomly started talking about you both and were whining about how much they miss you. So now they are asking if they can live with you both for a while?" she rambled and I can feel her moving her hands around a lot expressing her words like she always does.

"Of course they can come, it will be fun. But what about the lockdown thing?" I questioned, not understanding how this will work out.

"Love, you keep forgetting that you are in the mafia, we will just sneak them in your house tonight." she gave out a small chuckle "And about them coming here, are you sure you don't need to ask Maxwell?" she inquired, a slight doubt in her tone.

"He doesn't give two fuc-fudges, he will be okay it with." I quickly change my words because god I wasn't in the mood for another lecture on how I shouldn't curse.

She lightly chuckles, replying "Well is he there with you right now?"

"Uh, yes Maxwell is here with me," I reply, a little loudly to catch his attention.

He looked up from his phone and mouthed a "what" to me, with a confusing look on his face.

I shrugged and stood up, walking closer to him and sitting adjacent to him on the couch, our knees almost touching.

When he realized what I was doing, his eyes grew wide and he started moving his hand around telling me not to give him the call, his face completely filled in panic.

I shook my head and put the phone on speaker after seeing his panicked expression. He was about to get up but I grabbed his knee and made him sit down again, glaring at him, as he was about to stand up.

No one gets to disrespect my mother like that. If she tells you to sit and talk with her, you do exactly that.

His eyes twitched weirdly and he sat down, his adam apple gulping in a slow manner and his eyes roaming around my face.

Suddenly, I looked down and felt his hand on top of mine, which was on his knee. His eyes were still fixated on my face while mine was fixed on his green eyes.

"Delilah?" Kathryn shouted from the call and I jumped away from Maxwell, keeping a hand on my heart.

"Y-yes?" I cursed myself for stuttering like an idiot. What the fuck is happening to me?

"Is maxwell there with you?" she questioned, obviously confused by the sudden change in my voice.

"Uh yeah hello aunty" Maxwell muttered, bringing his face closer to the phone, which was kept near me on the side table.

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