Chapter Two

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Chapter Two: Glass

	I walked down the stairs in a new outfit than the night before

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I walked down the stairs in a new outfit than the night before. I was wearing some jeans and an old t-shirt I had from the 70's. It was an AC/DC band shirt. I walked to the fridge and nothing. Well nothing I liked.

I walked towards the cabinet and the only thing I liked was goldfish. I mean seriously, who has this poor taste in food? It was disgusting.

Kale chips? I mean who likes kale chips? I get a glass of orange juice and sit down at the table. Edward was leaving with Bella to go to her mothers today so hopefully he has to stay forever. I know that won't happen but I can hope.

Alice walked in. "Sorry about the food. But since Bella's" She got cut off by the glass shattering in my hand. The glass went into my skin. I pulled out the shard and watched as the cut healed itself leaving only a little trail of blood behind.

I sighed. I couldn't die. Not like they could. I mean I couldn't at all. I've tried. I have blood in my veins and my heart still beats just slower. I can't be killed. Though my skin burns in the sun without my necklace. You snap my neck. I woke up in a matter of less than an hour. You rip out my heart and it grows back in less than a day. Fire? Nope. Drowned? Nope. I am the definition of Immortal.

I'm not like them. I don't have a mate. At least I doubt I do. I look down at the broken glass on the table. The table had drops of blood on it as well as the glass.

I stand from the table taking the glass with me. Alice watched as I walked over to the trash can and dropped the bloody glass into it.

That's when Edward decided to walk in. "Goodmorning." I wanted to just leave but I know my family needs me. So I sucked it up.

"Goodmorning." I state. My tone was clipped but what did anyone really expect? He stood there. I then left the room.

I walked into the living room. I heard footsteps following me. Of course he can't just leave it be.


"What?" I ask.

"Why can't we just be civil?" He asked.

"Because you left me." I stated.

"I didn't leave you." I scoff. "I'm still here, just not in the same way."

"Look, Edward," I sigh. "You don't get to be there for me, because you left. I understand you love her. I understand you need her or something like that but please don't ask me to understand why you did it. Please don't ask me to suck it up and be happy again. And please don't ask me to talk to you. I am here because I love my family and they are sticking their necks on the line for the fetus. I'm going to help get rid of the red head who will kill my whole family to get to the human, but it's not for you. It's for Emmett and Carlisle and Esme, Jasper, Alice, and Rosalie so please leave me alone."

He nodded his head. I walked back to my room and laid on my bed. I don't understand, not really. I don't want to hurt anymore. I don't want to be in pain. I just want to live. I could always go to Italy, I mean they do see me as the queen of vampires.

But I can't leave my family high and dry. I try to keep my mouth shut and move on but how can I when he has to rope me into all of this. 

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